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My Challenge Story

February 03, 2019 BY Karlee

Before I started the 30 Day Challenge, I was going through a hard time because my friends were talking about me behind my back and my friend circle was very small. I didn’t want to talk to a lot of people because I didn’t know who I could trust. Then my mom kept telling my sisters that they should do the 30 Day Challenge. And they didn’t want to, so I did it and this is now my 2nd week doing the challenge and after everything that y’all said, I learned to not think of what they are saying about me and to love my haters. Now I always go to sleep and wake up listening to this station. And at school I always tell my friends to listen to a song that plays and they end up liking it. Slowly I’m trying to get them to do the 30 Day Challenge too, but I’m almost there. I just want to say thank you because this station has encouraged me a lot and to stand up for my self.