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My Harvey Miracle

September 05, 2018 BY Rich

Harvey had a devastating effect on Katy, Texas where I live. As it turned to night one day, the streets and homes began to flood. The rest of the night I was helping family and neighbors evacuate from their homes to my home. We were fortunate that our house didn’t flood but was surrounded by water. But we were safe. I’m a firefighter, so when morning came I called the fire station where I work. They needed anyone who was able to come in. I called another firefighter who lives close by and we decided to try to make it to the station – which is on the other side of Houston. We decided to meet on I-10 in Katy. I knew water was up to knee or waist height, but I knew I could make it. I packed a gym bag with extra food and clothes and set off. I live about a mile from the freeway. I got in a bad situation at the freeway. I thought I could make it to the freeway, but the water became too deep and rapid. The water pulled my feet up and carried me under the I-10 bridge. I was able to catch a bridge column. I was only able to hold on to it by the tips of my fingers. The water was up to my neck. I had on a bright yellow Fire Dept rain jacket with a gym bag across my shoulders. The gym bag was pulling me back, so after awhile I decided to let it go. I tried to look for my cell phone in the bag to call for help, but couldn’t find it. I let the bag go. With the water rushing around I tried to pray but couldn’t. But I started to sing Chris Tomlin’s song “Jesus Messiah”, which is my favorite song, over and over. The jacket I was wearing was also pulling me back and where I was standing the rocks were washing out. I thought to myself that I needed to keep the jacket on so maybe somebody would see me. I could hear rescue boats in the area. I pulled the jacket tighter to me. Then I felt my phone vibrate – it had been in my jacket pocket not in my bag. I don’t even remember putting it in there. It was my friend Doug that I was meeting. I told him I was under the bridge. I couldn’t hear anything from my phone, and I didn’t know if he could hear me, but I could tell the phone was working. I had been in the water over an hour. About 20 minutes later, a rescue boat found me. They had a hard time getting to me because of the current. On the third try they were able to pull me in. I don’t like talking about these bad memories – but God was with me. I have never been in a situation where I couldn’t pray. But I was able to say the words to Chris song, “Jesus Messiah”. I thought I lost my iPhone. It was under water for an hour and still worked. I was saved. Thank you Jesus! I’m not the best writer, and it may not be the best testimony, but God is with us. He’s there for you and me.