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My Personal Change

February 05, 2019 BY Nicholas

I was released from prison on January 18, 2018. While I was away and towards the end of my stay in prison, I started going to a couple of classes that really helped me. One was called Christian videos and the other was called Celebrate Recovery. In a nutshell, we would sing Christian music and learn about our wonderful God. But I noticed I was starting to always be in good spirits and I was always happy. So since my release, I have been listening to KSBJ. At first, it was only on my way to work. But now I noticed it’s always on my radio.

I love y’alls station and the music y’all play. It makes me happy all the time. I mean, how can someone be in a bad mood while listening to that kind of music. I now know and have learned that as long as I let God do His thing in my life, and I appreciate what He has done and is still doing, then I will always be OK because He has my back.

I have now been clean and sober for a year, and I couldn’t be happier. My life is awesome and it’s all thanks to our loving Father. Thank you to every single person at the KSBJ station. Keep up the good work!