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“No Matter What”

September 05, 2018 BY Esther Figueroa

Heard the song “No Matter What” last week. Had not heard from my adult son. He is under a drug addiction and is okay for awhile, then disappears. This song has been encouraging me to know that “No matter what, he is still the son..” I needed to gain strength in knowing that God knows my heart, and how desperate I had become. Tying to focus on the love God has for my son, and for me.

At this point, I had no seen or heard from my son for almost a month. I was just crushed, not knowing if God was hearing me. I heard this song in the morning, and I decided to send my prayer through KSBJ. I had him heavy on my heart for the last few days. A friend of his had texted, and asked if I heard anything. He too was very concerned, a another friend too…

By the afternoon, a prayer volunteer from KSBJ sent me an email of confirmation in the belief that God had my son, and that God loved me so, that He hears me. I was sent scripture that just ministered to me. I forwarded the email to my husband, so he too would be encouraged.

That night, we prayed and thanked God for His words, it was about 9pm. Around 10pm that same night, our son knocked on our door. He was safe, and had been at Star of Hope for a week! He walked from there to our home. How, I don’t know. He said mom, several people out in the street kept saying, you don’t belong here, you are different, you need to go home. That’s when he started walking back. God is good. Although he has to face a lot of consequences, God had a shield of protection around him while he was out there. His child, His son, no matter what. Thank you KSBJ volunteer prayer warrior and KSBJ for all you do in His name.