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Still Here

June 18, 2019 BY Bonita Juarez

I lost my mind and myself a while ago. I walked through the darkness of the unknown alone and afraid. I had no answers and no comfort. I reached out to the only person who could save me as I was drowning. Jesus is my savior, He bought me out of the depth of hell, gave me the courage to walk again and fear no evil. I am alive again thanks to his love, guidance and patience. He forgave me my sins, and is working with me in forgiving the wrongs others have done to me.

I am now self-employed and happy. Even though every day is a struggle regarding my financial needs I know HE will provide. So I worry not.

Today I received news that a company requested me to work on their case because they have first knowledge of my good work. I cried–it meant the world to me to be known by them on a first name basis and how they regard my work. For had it not been for Jesus, who knows where I would be now.

I am proof positive of the power of the Lord our God and his Son Jesus Christ…He will bring you out of the darkness and into the light.