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Taking Time to Listen

September 05, 2018 BY Wendy Fields

On December 6th 2016, I was accidentally overdosed at the hospital. I went into code blue on three occasions lasting a total of 67 minutes. My preacher and his wife as well as my family and our youth minister all came to my bedside. When my third code started, they prayed and prayed hard… even though the doctors feared I would not wake up. Even if I did wake up, I might have suffered severe brain trauma, but God didn’t let this happen. Prayer works!


Since then I have questioned what could God possibly want for me so much for me to still be here – but even though I’m not sure I will follow Him. I have learned since then to listen to the words and music for the inspiration for some of the things God may want for me. And I especially love KSBJ for their inspiring music and devotions throughout the day. My family still has me and now we listen together and enjoy God’s words on the radio and at our church. May God bless you and let you know that He is there.