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The Lord Has A Plan

February 01, 2019 BY Alexandra

I have been listening off and on to KSBJ for years. When I became a mama in 2012- I made it my mission to have the Lord in my child’s life.
I absolutely love music, raised in a music playing family, grew up playing the saxophone and having my siblings playing instruments too.
I have come to love listening to KSBJ and find that when I hear other music doesn’t feed my soul the same way.
My children, I have 2 now, love it! For King and Country is their favorite and Jordan Feliz.
I cannot thank this radio station enough to help heal me and my children from all the hurt, pain and heartache we have encountered in 2016-2018.
I look forward to my time in the car to and from work to listen to the DJs and others testimonies.

Thank you again for all that this radio station does and how it truly uplifts all.