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“You Say”

January 11, 2019 BY Jeni

Through several years of emotional ups and downs with family members, being walked away from, and having several family members in and out of hospitals – including my husband – I was a brokenhearted person. I truly felt like I was the most unworthy, unlovable, messed up person in the world and I had fallen into the pit of no return.

After praying so much and listening to KSBJ daily, I heard a song by Lauren Daigle – “You Say”. I listened to the words and somehow something in that song finally hit me….that I was worthy and that no matter who liked me, loved me, hated me, whatever – God loves and cares about me. What HE says of me, I believe. I say that because I felt as if I finally got it….I understood that He who is in me, is greater than He that is in the world. Ever since then, I have felt a little bit stronger and loved. What’s most important is what God thinks of me. Please pray for healing for my family, my son’s heart, HIS protection for my grandchildren, and healing for the entire family. God has answered many of my prayers…and He is my refuge in the storm. His mighty hand is on us and I had to trust Him with all my heart. Thank you Jesus!!!