I’ve never experienced hopelessness since I’ve been a believer….but I find my self in this last season thinking God isn’t showing up. He’s not working. He’s not doing what He said He was going to do.

We felt the weight of hopelessness, which was such a bizarre feeling after all these years of feeling free. I’m walking with the Lord. My wife is walking with the Lord. Yet, we feel hopeless. Where is God?
We found that God was with us the whole time.

God was speaking in the silence.
He was moving in the stillness.
He was shining in the darkness.

He didn’t let us fall completely to pieces. He didn’t let us be destroyed.
He was there the entire time keeping us on track and giving us just enough that we could kind of continue to push through.

Sometimes I feel like God silences Himself to allow us to press in and at that point when we’ve lost all our self-sufficiency, self-hope, self-help, we begin to be made aware again of the simplicity of the gospel. That God isn’t gone. He may be silent but He’s still there.

A simple thing, but it’s really changed our perspective and given us the ability to persevere and keep pushing through even when God is silent.

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