Just can’t tell it all
I just can’t tell it all, all
Just can’t tell it all
Just can’t tell it all

I’m ’bout to step in the ring for the fight of my life
Hit my knees and I strap on my gloves (Just can’t tell it all)
Boy, I been prepping since like I was seven and thing
Is I’m already covered in blood (Just can’t tell it all)
Walking in love
This for the one’s who been stuck in the mud (Just can’t tell it all)
Searching for hope (Just can’t tell it all)
Trust me, I know what it feel like to drown in
My problems but God came and threw me the rope
Can’t wait to look in His eyes
All of my life I been battling lies (Just can’t tell it all)
I found the truth and took off my disguise
Come for my head, I still live for the prize
Woah, woah, woah
I was in the city going dumb tryna blow
Everything changed when I learned to let it go
I been on stage, I ain’t in it for the show
Only got one life, so I gotta let ’em know
Talk about real
I seen a man’s whole back healed
I seen a woman drooling out the mouth
I seen the demons in her casted out
I seen my brother throw his whole
Vape in the lake (Just can’t tell it all)
See Smooth healed from the dark
I’ve seen the Spirit change my own heart (Just can’t tell it all)
Can’t tell it all, but this a good start
Can’t tell it all

First thought is that I listen to is Elvis
Think about my life and I don’t wanna die selfish
Living helpless, like no one else is enough for me
Wonder why with God you caught up while with some company
Not the one’s that build your company
Reach, don’t come for me
I found a real good thing
Not just when I feel good thing
He ain’t, the Spirit, leave me when I’m living out my day I
Help me see Him when I’m going my own way I
I got love the King, love for the game, love for my Father
You could take everything, even the pain works for Your honor
Honor, honor, honor-or

Yeah, yeah
This is my story, yeah
But You write it for me
Lord, please remind me
That it’s all for Your glory
It’s all for Your glory, glory, glory, glory, glory
It’s all for Your glory, glory, glory, glory, glory
Glory to God, yeah
Glory to God