I’m a 41-year-old father of 5, former Marine, who later spent several years as a paramedic and police officer. Through war and daily life working in the streets of Houston and Montgomery county I lost all hope in good. I lost my belief in God. Alcohol and Pills became my god. Several times I attempted suicide. I terrified my family and myself. I came to Camp Hope at the request of my wife and friends to get past PTSD and depression. It’s here I slowly but surely found Jesus. Through church, peers, bible study, listening to KSBJ, and faith the size of a mustard seed, I have had a true spiritual experience. I have a sense of joy I haven’t had since childhood and I see the beauty in things as simple as a blue Jay. I lost myself and the Lord, but now I’m found. The spirit is in me, and there’s no looking back.

– Jason

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