Loving my neighbor as myself… there is a Jewish word, a Hebrew word it’s called tzedakah. And it essentially means generosity. And generosity is not giving from the overflow of what you have. It’s just giving when you see a need. And I think our time, our talents, our treasures are things that we hold onto tightly. And if we have a little bit of time to spare, if we have a little bit of treasure to spare then we give it.

But I think what God calls us to do is to give it as it’s needed. And so loving my neighbor is saying, you know what? I’ve got somewhere to be, but you need my presence. You need me to be here to serve you. You need me to sit and listen with you. Sometimes it’s just facing people, not always trying to fix people.

So I think in this season of my life it’s just being present, you know, being present where I’m needed and making sure that I’m looking for opportunities to serve. And I look for opportunities to give instead of waiting for someone to present it to me.