by Denise

For years I didn’t think miracles existed other than in the BibleBOY was I wrong! The one that comes to mind for me was when God miraculously healed my best friend, Weez. She and I have been friends for over 25 years. We met when I came to the Christian radio station she worked at in Morris, IL. I was Mornings and she was Middays. Her son was diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum, as was mine, so we became fast friends. We have walked through the ups and downs of life together; her sister dying of cancer, my grandma dying from Alzheimer’s and so much more.

She started getting out of breath walking, even the shortest distances; her heart would race and she would be close to passing out. Many doctor’s appointments followed until finally, they did a test that nearly killed her. The diagnosis was postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, better known as POTS disease. Basically it reduces the volume of blood that returns to the heart after you stand up. When I say she went from bad to worse, it nearly broke my heart! My best friend, Wonder Woman, who could do anything was now reduced to a rolling seated walker and a nebulizer. So many of us prayed for her. One evening she was asked to go to a prayer meeting called HUB. People laid hands on her and prayed for a very long time. To quote her:

“I just felt something change inside of me and I knew in that instant God did a miracle inside of my body! I didn’t feel awful any longer! I could walk without my walker; I didn’t get out of breath!”

When I heard her say those words to me and SAW the change, I asked for God’s forgiveness that I didn’t believe he did miracles anymore!

Many of you shared YOUR stories of modern-day miracles on the Middays Facebook page here are 2 that stood out to me:

Christopher said:

“Too many to count. 2 instances that come to mind however, here’s the first. The year was about 2000 maybe 2001 and I got in to an accident that totaled my car (woman ran a stop sign). I’m ok physically but my car is a mess. As soon as I get off the phone with 911, my mother out of nowhere is the first one on the scene. I was so shaken up at the time, I had forgot to even call my mother.

Second story was around the same time period maybe a year later, I’m living in the golden triangle. Financially I didn’t have a lot of extra spending money but I needed a new Bible. I go to the Christian bookstore there basically to window shop since I couldn’t actually afford a new Bible at that time. I find the one I wanted and began to pray about it. Well I was doing pest control at that time which meant I went to different houses throughout the day. Long story short, I visited this woman’s house for a job and on her counter top is the exact Bible I had prayed for unopened on her counter. She handed me the Bible and told me the Lord wanted me to have it. I still use it to this day. Thank You Jesus! ”

Donna said:

“Many time but my favorite one, most people don’t believe it. When I was around 5 my parents too me to the beach. They were very young and talking to each other and not watching me..I went into the water and wanted to get it up to my neck but a way out there I fell into a whole and went under water. A voice Said roll up like a ball and you will bounce back to the beach and I did the I got sand on my rear and knew I could stand up..I looked for my parents ..they were a way down the beach. I don’t tell many people because they don’t believe. I do”

If you’ve experienced a miracle, I’d love for you to share your story on our Facebook thread. Sharing your testimony won’t only strengthen your faith but also will help strengthen the faith of others.