by Rachelle

Notice how “someday” never comes on its own.  Generally, we have to kick ourselves in the pants to launch into a “someday” and make it TODAY! 

I have been meaning to: clean out that closet; get that degree; ask out that co-worker; read that book; or write that book.

That’s mine.  I will write a book…someday. 

I’ve had the desire to write and have jotted down little things here and there.  

I used to love to tell my children stories.  They would lay in their beds, with covers pulled up around their faces–their eyes would be as wide as satellite dishes, flickering with wonder as their own imaginations transformed my words into pictures and their mind’s eye retold the story.

“Honey, you should write these stories down!”  My husband has encouraged me for years.  He’s my biggest fan, you know.

“I will…someday.”

If someone were to ask you about your “someday,” what is it about that particular task that keeps it from being today?

Me?  I overwhelm myself with “what ifs” and give up before I start.  Sometimes, like right now, I pick up a laptop and delve into a lighter project (blogging), a project that flirts with the concept of the much larger one that’s in my bones to finish…

What keeps us from what could be is ourselves.  When there’s a will…(I don’t have to finish that phrase–it’s been pumped into our brains by self-help gurus and motivational speakers, to say nothing of the little, old, church ladies who somehow fund the new fellowship hall’s carpet with a bake sale).  Dangit–it’s TRUE!!  If you have the drive, you can make choices that can lead you to start somewhere and make “someday,” TODAY!  

Paul, oppressor turned apostle, compared his life’s journey to a race.  A race requires an active participant.  A race cannot force the runner to run each leg of the journey, but once we decide to run—it’s one foot in front of the other that will get us to that next part: uphill, downhill, bumpy, smooth…  

Paul not only pioneered throughout most of the known world in his lifetime but did so sharing the message of Jesus–a daunting task to be sure. He connected and re-connected with followers of Jesus, most of whom he had converted to the faith.  He built relationships with the people who comprised these first churches and nurtured them. These relationships helped lay the brick and mortar atop the foundation of Christ. To this day we use his blueprints for continued construction in Christian living. His choosing “today” over “someday” was during a time where Christians were being martyred in the most horrifying ways. For him it was the only choice. Someday wasn’t an option. How inspiring!

For you and I we may never be faced with martyrdom, but laying down our lives is our best daily work. Laying down our lives is serving one another and perhaps some of that service is what we’ve been delaying in the shadow of “someday.” He has crafted you and I for specific purposes and these gifts and talents call to us from our soul–mine aches within me.

Committing to run the race is a moment-by-moment choice.  Will I put the racing number on and start…today?  Will you?