It was a challenge and she was up for it. Sandra got a call from her daughter who told her she was on the search for the new viral Christmas tree. In that moment, Sandra knew she was going to do everything in her power to find it. “It’s been a tough year for my family and I wanted her Christmas to be as special as possible.” 

Sandra called many stores, visited many stores and just when she was about to be done she went into a liquidation store and there she saw it at the bottom of a stack of Christmas trees. “I know it was God who led me to that tree because He cares about what I care about.” 

Sandra was diagnosed with a rare cancer this year and it was her daughter who researched what was going on. Her daughter was relentless and found a doctor who specialized in the rare cancer. Today Sandra is receiving the best treatment at MD Anderson and hopes to be done with treatment by the end of the year. 

“When I saw her face light up when she plugged in that tree it was worth it all.” – Sandra