As I walked through the loss of a spouse, God kept meeting me step-by-step and showing me a little more of the picture to come. That has giving me such confidence and faith through some pretty dark seasons I’ve had to walk through, dark months I had to walk through, that wait — This is not over. God sees a whole other thing.

Maybe the loss for some people that are listening is they feel like they lost their marriage, or that their marriage too far gone. Or they feel like they’ve lost that child, that something happened that relationship that severed it. Or even if you have lost someone. Or if you’ve lost a job. Or if you feel like everything you built up to this moment in your life has not been what people said it should be and you feel like a failure. I’ve learned this: Christ is enough.

Christ fills in all the gaps. If you have no money, Christ is enough. If you lost a loved one and they passed away and you miss this part of them because no one can replace them, of course not, but remember Christ is enough. Because, Christ, He created the whole world, holds the whole world by His word, He created that human being and He can be so much more than that human being could ever be for you. So much more than that job could ever be for you.

Our hearts are too big for just people to fill. They’ll just fall through the loops of heart. Entertainment? Falls through. Addictions? Falls through.

Our hearts are so big that only one person, Jesus Christ, Our Father in heaven, can fill that size gap in our heart. He’s enough.