Rise Up!

When the story of COVID-19 is just a story we tell, let’s make sure our stories are stories worth telling. – Andy Stanley

What is the story you are telling during this season? How have you weathered the stay at home orders, the toilet paper shortages, the lack of social interaction? Have you done it with purpose – by still encouraging one another. Praying? Selflessly putting others first?

Mark 10:45 says that “the Son of Man came not to be served, but TO serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” The Son of Man is Jesus. He’s the one we follow, and at Easter we’re reminded of how he was raised up on a cross, and then taken down into a tomb, only to rise again, defeating the power of death, and ultimately serving us by taking our sins.

At this time of COVID-19 let’s remember how we have had to hunker down in our own homes, and yet, how we’ve had to rise to the occasion of being there for one another.

Because even though we can’t spend our time together this Easter, we can still rise up and make a difference.


  • Donate to ministries who are the helpers in this crisis
  • Volunteer at local non-profits
  • Call and check on your neighbors, the elderly, the vulnerable and those who are alone
  • Help flatten the curve by staying home and staying safe
  • Support a local restaurant by participating in curb-side pickup

Whay have you done? Call 281.446.5725, Option 7 and share how you’re RISING UP!

Listen to KSBJ and let’s rise up together!