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Morgan grew up on the coast of Maine but married a guy from East Texas – so while she wasn’t born here, she got here as fast as she could! She and her husband, Joshua, have a son and a daughter who both make their parents laugh every day.

Morgan claims that she got her start in radio when she was in high school and would read the afternoon announcements over the school’s public address system. It was fun to be the “voice” of the school! She eventually took an “Intro to Broadcasting” class and started volunteering at a radio station, then one thing led to another and now she’s been working in radio for over twenty years. Her radio travels have taken her from California, back to Maine, then to Oregon, and (finally!) to Texas where she plans to stay.

In any spare time she can find, Morgan loves to read and could happily spend a whole day sitting quietly with a good book and a great cup of coffee. She and her husband love to travel, and they enjoy tabletop gaming. They are working hard to pass their love of gaming on to their kids! Another one of Morgan’s favorite pastimes (let’s be real here!) is eating – which makes Houston the PERFECT city for her!

As a bit of a chronic worrier, a verse that Morgan leans on is Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”



Afternoon Show Co-Host Raised in Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL, Carlos has the South in him as much as he does his Puerto Rican roots. Rap, Reggae, Rock, Merengue, Salsa, R n’ B, Soul, Funk are like a musical gumbo for him. Carlos shares, “I love music. Always have. It’s been in my life for as long as I can remember and I got into radio because of it. To be able to tell their stories, talk about their songs and see people react in the same way I did when I first heard it. Still blows my mind.”

Carlos’ break into radio as a “real DJ” started with two turntables and a crate full of records when he was brought into a Christian radio station in Tampa, FL, to mix live on Friday nights. Even though he “had many chances to work in mainstream radio,” he just never wanted to. Carlos said “It’s not in me. I live for Christ daily and want to show that in my actions and tell as many people as I can about Him. Radio is a pretty big platform and, thankfully, so far it’s all worked out. God is good like that.”

His wife, Amber, is a Houston native who attended Texas A&M University and is solely responsible for converting him into an unapologetic Aggie Football fan! Father of one so far, 2-year old Dominic is their #SortaRican blend of the best parts of Amber and the parts of Carlos that get the little guy in trouble from time to time.

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This was my mom all the time. Can anyone else relate to this?

It brought back a ton of memories for me of my mom praying as fire trucks or ambulances passed by us, or if she saw a bad wreck on the side of the road as we drove by...she always just prayed for them.
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This was my mom all the time. Can anyone else relate to this? 

It brought back a ton of memories for me of my mom praying as fire trucks or ambulances passed by us, or if she saw a bad wreck on the side of the road as we drove by...she always just prayed for them.

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Every time I see a first responders vehicle and/or hear a siren, I pray for all first responders and their families, and military personnel and their families. When someone serves, the family serves.

Yes- I pray when I hear sirens, see an accident or just see first responders in the community. I pray for their protection and safety and God's mercy and peace to those in need.

I have lived near an EMT facility and fire department for over 24 years. I say God put me here to pray for the responders , victims, and families. My oldest granddaughter lived with us for about 6 years. One day we were sitting on the porch when the sirens for the ambulance sounded. She says to me, "Time to pray !" That little person response brought me great joy.

I pray for all first responders - EMT, fire, police, and LifeFlight whenever I hear or see them. And I pray for the medical staff and all family members of those needing to be treated.

I started praying for those involved in an accident. It is so easy to think of how that wreck is an inconvenience to you, but someone is MUCH more inconvenienced than you.

I do this! Also when I see a car accident, a car stuck because of a flat tire, when I see a funeral happening I Pray for peace & comfort, the list can go on

Yes, I pray for the people involved and their families that Jesus will give them peace when they get the phone call and that they come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ if they didn't know Him before.

Always always always, my mom taught us to bow our heads and touch something white, make the sign of the cross while saying, in the name of the Father, Son,& Holy Spirit ✝️

Every single time! I pray for the families, first responders and financial grace...every time!

My cousin, actually she introduced me to Jesus. Sometimes I do but not as often as she does. She is a great example of love for Christ and others.

YES!!!!! We pray before backing out of the driveway. Binding up all accidents...requesting unto the Lord if an accident has occured Give Life and prevent death. We pray for EMS, Law Enforcement, and even TRAFFIC!

I do, but I also pray for the police and Tow trucks as I pass by an accident too. All first responders need our prayers.

Always. I also praise God when he opens the road for me to enter the freeway or turn out on the busy road.

Absolutely. Every time. I also pray over my car for safety when I go out on the roadways. ♥️ 🙏

Absolutely! I know first hand what kind of serious situation can be in that ambulance

I do as well. I also pray for the family that lost loved ones when I see a cross on the side of the rode.

Yes, I do too! I work in the hospital and I do the same when there is an overhead page for a code blue.

Yes I do and the responders and all their families. I also pray for all the people on the prison busses.

I do this as well, and not just for the responders, but the medical staff, the injured and the families of all of the above.

Every time is see flashing lights or hear sirens I always say a quick prayer for the first responders and all the people involved.

I do also. For every one involve including the officers directing traffic, the firefighters, the EMTs and the Tow truck drivers at the scene. I too include us, all passengers driving by because we look and may get distracted.

My mom always stopped what she was doing and told us to bow our heads. Now my 4 yr old will say, "Jesus, protect them" and then go about his playing. 🥰

Every time! We have ridden in an ambulance before and evert time we pray for Police, Fire Dept and EMTS!

Not just for accidents, but when I see first responders in general, regardless of their current situation, I pray. When my son is with me, I pray out loud so that he may join.

I do this anytime I see any type of first responder working, someone with car trouble, accidents, and any time people on motorcycles ride by me.

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What do you look forward to the most at the Rodeo? Houstonians have been sharing why they rodeo, so we wanna know from you! Why do you Rodeo? ... See MoreSee Less

What do you look forward to the most at the Rodeo? Houstonians have been sharing why they rodeo, so we wanna know from you! Why do you Rodeo?

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Carlos here, my absolute favorite things are Mutton Busting, the music and of course the midway. I love playing carnival games (even though I nearly always lose) and a giant turkey leg is hard to beat. LOL!

I most enjoy the events, particularly the bull riding. The skill and dedication that comes from years of training and riding always amazes me.

Watching the muttin busting. Our daughter was GRAND CHAMPION last year!

Watching my daughter show in Jr Breeding Heifer show.

I love the food and the carnival. The shows and entertainment are a plus. The main reason is because my husband and I had our first official date at rodeo. We went to see Chris Young play and enjoyed the carnival like a pair of kids 🥰🥰

I look forward to the rodeo run 🏃🏾‍♀️ and parade!

I used to love it. Now it is extremely overpopulated and the carnival seems dangerous. I love the concerts and rodeo so its a shame. But its way overpopulated.

I am a Life Member of the rodeo and a 14 year volunteer. As we say...we do it for the kids. We all are there so that the rodeo can be successful in order for it to provide scholarships for kids to go to college. That's my favorite part.

The carnival and FOOD! Every year we get a turkey leg from the same place, strawberry lemonade and funnel cake from the same stand!

Taking the kids to see the animals!! Always a momma pig, horse, cow with babies 🥰

I also volunteer.... my 8th year. Love serving the community.

Mutton Busting and national anthem on the horse with fireworks are my favorite.

All the food, the smells of the food, Carnaval lights, excitement of it all!!!

My rodeo family ❤️

It's ALL good....except the traffic!

All the food and it's in my blood

The animals, the mutton and busting the art the kids turn in, the vendors,

Fried Oreos!!! 😬😬😬

Turkey legs!

I don’t 😡

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Join us this summer along with TobyMac, Tauren Wells and so many more! You can win a cabin a day every day this week! ... See MoreSee Less

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Cute, you guys!

What’s the number to call? Please!

Lol too cute

I cannot wait!!!!

Lean on God. ... See MoreSee Less

Lean on God.

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Thank you for your thoughts and prayers throughout this difficult time my family is having to endure.

The most serious book ever‼️ Amen 🙏

Thank you, Amen.

I really needed this at this very second.

Good advice ❤️

Proverbs 3:5!





Amen 🙏





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Lay it all at the feet of Jesus... ... See MoreSee Less

Lay it all at the feet of Jesus...

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Prayers for a friend who went hospice due to lung and liver cancer 🙏

To lay your burdens down you first have to humble yourself low. God is good!

Amen and Amen

Yes. Amen



Amanda Whitley

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