Ty Coleman shares her story of the hard journey she walked from drug addiction and homelessness to forgiveness, healing and freedom in Christ.

0:15 As a kid I longed for love, acceptance and encouragement.
0:43 After I graduated, that’s when the drug addiction really escalated.
1:26 I wasn’t making as much money, so I ended up sleeping in my car.
1:52 I was alone the whole time. I had no family. I had no one.
2:15 I was going to kill myself. I hated myself.
2:38 I filled up the bathtub, sat there in the tub and took over 20 pills. My hope was I would just pass
out and drown. But God said it wasn’t time.
3:07 I remember there were nights where I would cry out to God. Why would He keep me alive?
3:29 My life was so dark and I was so broken. but I always had this glimpse of hope I could hold on
to. It was the only thing I could hold on to and know that everything was going to be okay.
3:55 I remember receiving this Bible. It was in that moment that God started restoring my heart.
4:29 There comes a point where you feel so hopeless that you want to give up and your life is over.
5:00 The Lord has a plan and purpose for your life.
5:30 “He lifted me out of the pit of despair… and set my feet on solid ground.” (Psalm 40). He won’t
just leave you there but will walk with you the entire way.