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When We Pray

“I see revival rising. I see hope on the horizon, as a generation stepping out in faith. Because we will be a people on our knees, as one before the King. Yeah, we believe. All the world starts changing when the church starts praying, strongholds start to break. Oh, when we pray, prison walls start shaking at the sound of praising. Nothing stays the same, oh, when we pray. Let your kingdom come, Lord. Let your will be done.” – “When We Pray”, Tauren Wells

Prayer brings hope. Prayer is something we can do when we feel helpless to do anything else in the face of disappointment, discouragement and danger. It is the most important thing we can do! There is unstoppable power when we pray. Let’s be part of a generation on our knees, stepping out with unstoppable faith. Let’s live what we believe—that all the world will start changing when the church starts praying! Join KSBJ as we learn to pray on our own, pray with our families, pray with our friends. Pray in the morning, at midday and at night—pray without ceasing!

Get involved with one of these Prayer events

Prayer Boot Camp | September 14

Fall On Your Knees: Raise a Hallelujah Night | September 27

Pray With Your Kids!

Download Buddy the KSBJ Prayer Bear’s Praying With Your Kids prayer guide. And watch Pat Barrett talk about his experience with praying with his kids below.