COVID-19 – Coronavirus Information


Government leaders have asked Houston Responds to help provide personal use face masks to help ensure there are MASKS FOR ALL as we transition out of quarantine, especially for those in under-resourced areas.

The Goal: 1,000 congregations providing over 1,000,000 masks. How? 500 to 1,000 congregations mobilizing to create 100 to 200 masks (sewn or un-sewn) per week. The love, service, and generosity of local congregations will ensure over 1,000,000 people in Greater Houston will have potentially life-saving reusable masks.

Learn how you or your church can get involved here!

KSBJ/NGEN are not health-providers and are not qualified to offer medical advice.  For more information, please go to

I heard the Harris Co Judge has a new Stay Home order

  • Harris County Judge Hidalgo is extending the “stay home, work safe” order, lasting through at least June 10.
  • It will not override Gov. Abbott’s orders to reopen the state.
  • It does urge people in Harris County to take precautions to slow the spread of the virus by staying home and working from home when possible.

I heard the Texas Governor is allowing more businesses to reopen

  • Food Court Dining areas may open as of May 26 with social distancing.
  • Driver’s Ed programs may begin.
  • On Friday May 29, water parks may open at 25% occupancy.
  • Sunday May 31, recreational sports programs for adults can open.
  • Gyms, child care facilities, massage parlors, youth clubs and sports, bars, bowling alleys, bingo halls, zoos, and aquariums are all open at various occupancies and with varying rules for social distancing and sanitizing.
  • Professional sports, including baseball, tennis and basketball can reopen on May 31, but without in-person fans.
  • Youth camps, summer camps, and Little League camp can reopen May 31.
  • Restaurants, retail stores, malls, movie theaters, museums, hair and nail salons, and libraries have already reopened with social distancing.
  • The governor recommends seniors still remain home, if possible.
  • For more info, go to

I heard there’s new info about Texas schools reopening

  • Starting June 1, students can access campuses for in person instruction, including summer school, special education and tutoring.
  • Graduation ceremonies allowed.
  • Private schools and higher education can reopen.
  • Youth camps, summer camps and Little League camp can reopen May 31.
  • For more info, go to

I heard Texas is reopening/the Governor is reopening Texas

  • The governor’s stay home orders have expired. This means you can leave your home without restrictions. The state orders supersede local orders.
  • Masks, social distancing and limiting the size of gatherings are recommended.
  • The governor recommends those over 65 years remain at home.
  • Many businesses can reopen, most with 25-50% occupancy.
  • For more info, go to

I heard something about an order to wear masks

  • The governor’s executive orders say that masks are not required, however they are recommended when outside your home.
  • Social distancing and limiting the size of gatherings are recommended.
  • You can use a bandana, t-shirt or scarf.

I heard there’s a quarantine from the state of Louisiana

  • That quarantine has been lifted.
  • You can travel from Louisiana without restrictions.


I heard it on the Morning Show – info about news from the Morning Show

I heard the driver license office is open now

  • Drivers’ license offices are opening region by region with limited service.
  • Customers who currently do not possess a Texas DL, CDL, learner permit or ID card, as well those who are in need of a driving test will be serviced.
  • You can book your appointment online by visiting

I heard I can watch the SpaceX rocket launch

  • A SpaceX rocket is scheduled to blast off Wednesday May 27 from Kennedy Space Center, carrying a Dragon capsule with NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the International Space Station.
  • You can watch history unfold with Space Center Houston’s virtual launch party that will start at 11am at

I heard blood donors are needed

  • Surgeries have resumed in Houston and the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center says they are in critical need of blood donations.
  • If you are healthy, the Blood Center is asking you to schedule an appointment at
  • Appointments are spaced out to assist with social distancing.

I heard about how to get my stimulus check

  • If you haven’t received your stimulus check, you won’t be getting the money in the form of a physical check at all.
  • Nearly four million payments will be paid via prepaid Visa debit cards—which can be used anywhere Visa is accepted—you will also be able to withdraw cash from in-network ATMs, and transfer money to your personal bank account without fees.
  • Questions: call (800) 919-9835.

I heard about mail in voting

  • A federal judge is allowing a massive expansion of voting in Texas.
  • All state voters regardless of age qualify for a mail-in ballot during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Voters under the age of 65 who would ordinarily not qualify for a mail-in ballot would now be eligible.

I heard about a Food Drive at NRG

  • The last Houston ISD community food distribution is Friday May 22 at NRG Stadium
  • On June 1 the district will launch its free curbside summer meals program.
  • Families can pick up boxed meals for children ages 1 to 18 twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays – at one of 68 designated schools across the district.
  • For more info visit

I heard about a way to find out if items are in stock at the store

  • Two University of Texas students designed a website called
  • Instok allows users to search for items based on zip codes.

I heard about a virtual graduation for the Class of 2020

  • It’s a star-studded graduation ceremony- Matthew McConaughey, JJ Watt, Gordon Ramsey, Selena Gomez and more.
  • It will be live-streamed on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Houston’s Simone Biles will be among those chosen to give words of wisdom.
  • Search #Graduation2020 to find out more.

I heard about extra money for food for families in need

  • Texas families with children who receive free or discounted meals at school will now get $285 from the state.
  • Families with children aged 5-18 who received SNAP food benefits in March – when school campuses first closed – will automatically receive the money on their current Lone Star Card by May 22.

I heard about COVID-related jobs with the City of Houston

  • The Houston Health department is doing two virtual job fairs on Thursday May 14th for temporary COVID-related jobs like contact tracers, epidemiologists, nurses and more
  • The career fairs are on Microsoft Teams.
  • Go to the City of Houston Human Resource Careers webpage to apply

I heard about jobs in Houston at Typhoon Texas and other places

  • Typhoon Texas in Katy wants hire 1000 workers as they get ready to open by this Memorial Day
  • Lots of employers have thousands of job openings – delivery drivers, grocery store workers, healthcare workers, hospitality workers, and more.
  • You can find a full list of specific job openings at

I heard about a Houston Astros face mask

  • You can now get an official Houston Astros face mask
  • You must make a $15 donation at
  • Proceeds benefit the Astros Foundation and it’s COVID-19 relief efforts

I heard something about a renter’s relief program

  • There’s a city of Houston program providing $15 million for renters’ relief.
  • Register at
  • The money will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

I heard about help with my mortgage

  • If you have a federally backed loan, your monthly payments can be skipped under the news  CARES Act
  • You will not have to repay skipped payments in a big lump sum
  • There are options for repayment
  • You can find out if you have a federally backed mortgage using Fannie Mae’s look-up tool.
  • If you need help, call your mortgage company back and ask for it.

I heard about help with my groceries with NextDoor and Walmart

  • Walmart and Nextdoor have a new program called “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”
  • Nextdoor members can get help shopping for essential items at Walmart from a neighbor already planning a trip to their local store.
  • For more info go to or the nextdoor app.

I heard something about where to find job openings in Texas

  • Nearly 500,000 jobs are available across Texas
    Connect with Workforce Solutions or go to and  search for a job by city or zip code

I heard McDonalds is giving away food to first responders

  • First responders, police officers, and healthcare workers can get a free meal
  • Show your work ID
  • This runs until May 5

I heard there’s a food program for people with disabilities

  • Non-perishable food, produce, and basic home necessities will be delivered to disabled people (who are finding it hard to get these items).
  • If you need assistance visit or call 832-394-0814.

I heard there is more COVID-19 testing available

  • For info on testing sites, go to
    (See more detailed info at the end of this document)

I heard I can get help/food from The Houston Food Bank

  • Those looking for help can visit or
  • Call the help hotline at 832-369-9390 to locate other food pantries.

I heard Walmart is hiring

  • Walmart is looking to hire an additional 50,000 employees – cashiers, stockers and personal shoppers.
  • To apply go to their careers website or by texting ‘jobs’ to 240240.

I heard about a new way to file for unemployment

  • The Texas Workforce Commission has a new app to apply for benefits DoNotPay is a free app and website
  • People can insert information on their smart phone and the app will mail the data to the unemployment office.

I heard about a website to report price gouging

I heard there are jobs available in Houston.  Where can I learn more?

  • There are thousands of positions available in our area, including grocery stores, healthcare facilities, construction, and trucking companies
  • Go to

I heard about more loans being offered for small businesses

  • Yes, there are now $50 million in new loans for Texas small businesses
  • Go to to apply

I have recovered from COVID-19 and heard my plasma is needed

  • Yes, if you’ve been recovered for more than two weeks, your plasma is needed for an experimental therapy.
  • There is a form to fill out.  You can find it by going to the KSBJ Morning Show Facebook page.

I heard I can get free WiFi

  • For low-income students who need WiFi to home school
  • Xfinity is offering their hotspots for free for students nationwide
  • To find one near you visit

I heard they’re charging for tolls now

  • Yes, the Harris County toll road is now charging again to drive on toll roads.
  • Toll booths remain closed so you can use your toll tag or pay online on the Harris County TollRoad website.

Mr. Bill said:

He said NASA has science lessons

  • NASA has launched a new online platform, called NASA at Home.
  • It has family friendly activities for kids in kindergarten and up including E-books and virtual tours like the Hubble Space Telescope and the Space Station

He said something about a garden for my kids

  • John Moore services is giving away garden kits for families with kids under 12
  • They include potting soil, pots and packets of seed

He said I don’t have to file my taxes by April 15

  • The IRS delayed the deadline to file and to pay taxes until July 15, giving all of us three extra months.
  • You do not need to file any forms for the delay – it is automatic.
  • If you’re expecting a return however, the IRS recommends filing right away to get your money. It usually takes about three weeks to get your payment.

He mentioned I can find out when my stimulus check is coming/I can sign up to find out what mail is coming to my mailbox

  • It’s called Informed Delivery and emails you photos of what is coming in your snail-mail.  So, if you are getting your stimulus check via snail mail you can see when it will arrive.
  • You will get your stimulus check via direct deposit if you’re signed up for direct deposit with the IRS.  Otherwise, it will come via snail mail.
  • *Or go to and click “get your payment”

He mentioned a new service for childcare for essential workers

  • It’s called Find Childcare Now
  • It links Houston-area essential workers with child-care providers. It also helps with some childcare expenses for low-income families.

He mentioned a credit for USAA insurance customers

  • USAA is providing a 20% credit for car insurance customers over the next 2 months.
  • You do not have to do anything to get the credit. It will appear automatically on your bill.
  • Most car insurance companies are now offering credits.

He mentioned meals for seniors. How do I get those?

  • For more information, you can call 1-800-677-1116 or go to
  • There is also a group called Crowd Source Rescue offering no contact food deliveries for seniors.  They need volunteers.  To volunteer or to request food, go to

He mentioned free virtual martial arts classes for kids

  • Premier Martial arts is offering these via zoom. Go to  Find the location closest to you. Click “Sign up for free introductory class online.” Type in your information. Someone will call with more information.

He said something about how to make a face mask

  • The CDC now recommends wearing a mask if you must go to a public place where it is tough to keep a social distance.
  • A mask does not guarantee protection, so you should still keep a distance and wash hands.
  • For instructions how to make a face mask, go to

He said I don’t have to pay my student loans

  • The U.S. government is automatically suspending payments and waiving interest on federal student loans for six months.
  • It’s automatic and you don’t have to request it.
  • The Department of Education is asking you to be patient, though, as this change may take a while to show up on your account.

I heard about a number I can text to get area info/updates on COVID-19. What is it?

Text CV19 to 888777. This is the Harris County Office of Emergency Management notification system for COVID-19 updates.


NRG pickup/HISD Summer Food Program

  • The last Houston ISD community food distribution is Friday May 22nd at NRG Stadium
  • On June 1st the district will launch its free curbside summer meals program.
  • Families can pick up boxed meals for children ages 1 to 18 twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays – at one of 68 designated schools across the district.
  • For more info visit


More resources for food programs

I heard there’s a food program for people with disabilities

  • Non-perishable food, produce, and basic home necessities will be delivered to disabled people (who are finding it hard to get these items).
  • If you need assistance visit or call 832-394-0814

I lost my job. What do I do?

  • You can apply for unemployment benefits by calling the Texas Workforce Commission at 800-939-6631 Mon-Fri 8 AM – 6 PM or go to
  • The Texas Workforce Commission has a new app to apply for benefits. DoNotPay is a free app and website
  • People can insert information on their smart phone and the app will mail the data to the unemployment office.
  • An additional list of resources if you lost your job.

Where are testing sites/Can I get tested?

I heard that anyone in Houston can now get a COVID-19 test, whether they have symptoms or not?

  • Houston’s two drive-through sites are testing anyone who wants it, whether or not they have symptoms, free of charge.
  • You MUST call first – call 832-393-4220 between 9am – 7pm to get a unique code and instructions where to go.

Where is a list of sites across Texas?

Go to

Public COVID 19 testing sites are now open – some locations are not being shared by government to discourage people from just showing up. This list is growing; here are some of the locations.

For local government testing sites, you must first call the Houston Health Department COVID-19 call center at 832-393-4220 or 832-927-7575 to get screened BEFORE going to get tested. Bring ID for anyone getting tested; in most cases, you will not be tested unless experiencing symptoms. Most are free (or will accept insurance copays).


  • 14531 Westheimer in Houston and 101 West Southmore in Pasadena.  Complete a screening at


  • Goose Creek ISD – Stallworth
    Address: 2102 East Archer Road, Baytown, 77521
    FEMA site: Yes


  • Butler Stadium
    Address: 13755 South Main Street, Houston, 77035
    Phone: 832-927-7575
    FEMA site: Yes
  • Delmar Stadium
    Address: 2020 Mangum Road, Houston, 77092
    Phone: 832-393-4221
    FEMA site: No
  •  M.O. Campbell Center
    Address: 1865 Aldine Bender Road, Houston, 77032
    FEMA site: Yes
  • My Family Doctor Clinic
    Address: 6430 Hillcroft Avenue, Houston, 77081
    Phone: 832-709-1515
    FEMA site: No
  • Northeast Houston at Forest Brook Middle School
    Address: 7525 Tidwell Road, Houston, 77016
    Phone: 877-470-7787
    FEMA site: No
  • United Memorial Medical Center
    Address: 510 West Tidwell Road, Houston, 77076
    FEMA site: No


  • Katy ISD – Legacy Stadium
    Address: 1830 Katyland Drive, Katy, 77493
    FEMA site: Yes

Sugar Land

  • Oakbend Medical Center
    Address: 4911 Sandhill Drive, Sugar Land, 77479
    Phone number: 281-238-7870
    FEMA site: No
  • Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land
    Address: 18111 Lexington Blvd., Sugar Land, 77479
    Phone number: 877-470-7787
    FEMA site: No

Southeast Houston

  • Cullen Middle School
  • Address: 6900 Scott

Fort Bend County

In partnership with Oak Bend Medical Group – you must have symptoms and be pre-screened.

  • You must first call 281-238-7870 for mandatory pre-screening
  • The test is not free, there is a fee for $100 without insurance or an insurance copay

Additional testing locations run by clinics

  • Next Level Urgent Care Centers – various locations (insurance copay or $200 self-pay)
  • Legacy Health Fifth Ward, 3811 Lyons Ave
  • Legacy Health Montrose, 1415 California St
  • Legacy Health Southwest, 6441 High Star St
  • Legacy Houston Phone: 832-548-5000
  • Legacy Health website

Locations in Beaumont

  • Legacy Health Central Beaumont, 450 North 11th St
  • Legacy Beaumont Phone: 409-242-2525

Locations in Brazoria County

  • Baylor St Luke’s Pearland,  11713 Shadow Creek Parkway, Pearland
  • Angleton ER, 1116 E. Mulberry St, Angleton
  • UTMB Health Access Center,  136 East Hospital Drive, Angleton
  • Next Level Urgent Care Pearland,  8325 Broadway Street, #220 Pearland (insurance copay or $200 self-pay)

Are there any phone numbers to call for information?

Not all areas/counties have phone numbers to call.  Here is what is available

  • Call 211 for state-wide information and services on COVID-19 and for various state services and resources including food, housing, etc
  • HARRIS COUNTY ASK MY NURSE/TRIAGE LINE – for those without access to healthcare: 713-634-1110
    • Houston: 832-393-4220
    • Fort Bend Co: 281-633-7795
    • Harris Co: 832-927-7575

I have a small business.  How can I get a loan?


Where can I get information on resources, food, etc.?

Harris County | Info on COVID 19, map of outbreak, community resources, myth-busters, where to report price gouging

Salvation Army | support and coronavirus (COVID-19) resources – help finding essentials like food, household items, emotional support and activities for families in isolation

State of Texas Health and Human Services | Info about programs, including health clinics, food programs, aging, disabilities, indigent programs, and more

Houston Parks and Recreation Dept. Food Program for children aged 1-18

I’m an essential employee and have to work. Are any daycares open?

The YMCA has daycares open for children of essential employees.

More daycares that remain open.

Find Childcare Now

  • It links Houston-area essential workers with child-care providers. It also helps with some childcare expenses for low-income families.

What about renter’s rights – can I be evicted during coronavirus?

The Texas Supreme Court issued an emergency order barring evictions at this time.

Where can I get more information on coronavirus?

Harris County | Info on COVID 19, map of outbreak, community resources, myth-busters, where to report price gouging | Harris Co. emergency website with info on COVID 19 – list of facilities/public areas with restricted access, disaster checklists, pet preparedness | updates on the national outbreak of coronavirus, health information, preventing illness, what to do if you’re sick

Click2Houston | Q&A/Info on COVID-19 from a physician

Where can I get information on volunteer opportunities/ways to help others? | places to volunteer and help others. Please note, social distancing is recommended by all authorities and should be practiced by all when volunteering | umbrella organization working with churches and non-profits to responds to disasters including COVID 19, to give helpful info churches and non-profits to navigate the crisis and to help organize volunteers | Crowd Source Rescue is offering no contact food deliveries for seniors.  They need volunteers.

COVID-19 Resources