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03/30/2023 5:00am

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What Does My Gift Do?


Connect with people across all available platforms in today’s media space. Hope Media Group is uniquely positioned to connect with people who are consuming media now more than ever. God has orchestrated all the HMG brands to seize these far-reaching opportunities to connect with people across all available platforms in today’s media space. The mission in these connections is to engage millions more to love Jesus, serve others, and spread Hope.

Bring Hope to your community and around the world. When you give through KSBJ, you’re partnering with organizations like Be A Resource, Star of Hope, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, and others that impact the Houston community for good. You also change people’s lives through ministries like Compassion International and God’s Pit Crew, who meet tangible needs while sharing the Gospel all over the world. Plus, you join us in serving others for their immediate benefit and God’s eternal glory.  

Help others to deepen their relationship with Christ. When you give, you help take the mission of KSBJ even deeper in people’s lives by providing encouraging Christian content, both on and off the radio. You help to provide digital content like devotional series, podcasts, and even our first published book of devotionals, Everyday God.

Change and improve lives. Since KSBJ launched in 1982, millions of hearts have been impacted through the music and messages of hope, spiritual growth resources, prayer, community outreach, and events. As we look toward the next 40 years, the new Hope Media Group will be leveraging cutting-edge technology, influencers, and talent to reach even more people than ever before. The reason for this is SO THAT: listeners will grow deeper in their faith, becoming fully committed to Jesus, bearing fruit in their lives, and fulfilling the Great Commission.

You share Hope!

Sometimes it’s tough to picture Jesus’ disciples as flawed people, just like you and me, with real problems and emotions. But the popular series, The Chosen, is bringing Scripture to life and helping millions of people imagine how it might have felt to walk with Jesus. Your gift to KSBJ makes inspiring interviews like this possible! YOU help others to deepen their relationship with Jesus, sharing Hope with the hurting on multiple media platforms through devotionals, podcasts, and videos.

You touch hurting hearts!

When David Chavez was serving 30 years in prison, he was consumed by rage and resentment. But God began working on David’s heart and used KSBJ to give him Hope. David says the music helped heal his pain and grow his faith, offering him encouragement for his future. YOU make stories of hope and redemption like this possible! Together, we provide music and ministry that breaks chains and touches hurting hearts like David’s.


See how your gift impacts lives

Journey To The Cross Easter Text Messages

For the first time in my life, I was able to mentally put myself through the same events that Christ experienced this past Easter week. Knowing that at any time he could have stopped it and knowing that He did it for me even though I didn’t deserve to be saved has brought me closer to him than I have ever been. This experience has greatly increased my faith.

– Richard

Has KSBJ impacted your life? Share your Story.

My Hope was Revived

Over 20 years ago, as a single mom doing my best to navigate through the storms of my then teenage daughter, I reached out to KSBJ for prayer. The voice on the other end of the phone was that still soft voice I needed. That night my hope was revived. During those struggles, God would point me to the cross. I would imagine how Jesus endured the pain of the cross for God’s people. My daughter is now 36 with two beautiful blessings! I’m very grateful for the support that KSBJ offers me every single day. Especially on those days …

I Was Contemplating Suicide but God Talked to Me With A Song

I lost my job last month and things have been very difficult. I was contemplating suicide, crying and talking to God because I didn’t want to have these feelings and thoughts. Later that day, I had to go somewhere, still feeling suicidal but listening to KSBJ and a song come on and it was God talking to me with that song. I had to pull over because I was instant tears – only this time it was tears of joy and relief! God used KSBJ save my life!

– Ryan

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Creating a Life for God is Amazing

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and my husband and I both love to feel our little girl kick and move. The other day we wanted to see if she would react to music. My husband laid his phone on my belly and played many different genres and different artists of music, but our baby girl was not being very active. I told my husband that all I listen to in the car is KSBJ and to try a Christian song. Immediately when he played a Christian song she wouldn’t stop moving! We watched and smiled as she almost kicked the phone …

I Feel Different and Better

I was feeling unconnected to God for a few years, then found your station. I love listening to it! It has helped me reconnect to God again. I realized that He was always there, and I was the one that was tuning Him out or was too busy. Love the messages you provide. Simple and powerful. Love the music! I feel different and better when I listen. Thank you. I chose to donate the amount of money that I use for other streaming services to KSBJ … why wouldn’t I? Seems simple. I thought it was the least I could …

Thank You For Your Prayers

I Thank you for praying for my father. He is in his 70’s and was in the hospital for two weeks with COVID/Pneumonia. My dad was released home 11 days ago and is getting stronger each day in Jesus’ name. We thank God for His mercy through His Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you all for your prayers!

– Elizabeth

Has KSBJ impacted your life? Share your Story.

The Right Song When I Needed it Most

I thank God for using the music of KSBJ when I felt the lowest.  About a month ago, I was told by my doctor that I had cancer. I remember walking out of his office feeling so hopeless. We got in the car and the song that came on was “Be Alright” by Evan Craft.  That happened yet again as I prepared to get a CT scan done. It’s no coincidence. I know that God uses KSBJ in so many ways. I am thankful for your ministry and especially for hearing the right song when I needed it most.

20 Years of Hope, Strength, and Love

As I sat at my desk a couple days ago, I was going through a rough time. I am in Law Enforcement and stationed at a school. My walk with God has been distant lately and I have been working on fixing it but often wondered how to get back there and if God wanted the reI’ve been listening to KSBJ since I was 12 years old. I’m now 32 and life has changed so much. But you guys have been here for every spiritual battle, every down moment, and all the in between of my growth with Christ! Through …

I Prayed To God To Show Me That He Loved Me

As I sat at my desk a couple days ago, I was going through a rough time. I am in Law Enforcement and stationed at a school. My walk with God has been distant lately and I have been working on fixing it but often wondered how to get back there and if God wanted the relationship as I did. As I left for the day, I prayed to God please show me in some way that You love me. I listen to KSBJ every day and had heard about the LOVE THAT STICKS things y’all promote. As I wondered …


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18 hours ago

From hopeless to hopeful: God used KSBJ to save David’s life. To be a part of changing more lives click here: ... See MoreSee Less

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A total GOD story ..Thank you Lord.

Praise God

Amazing, praise God

I wonder if KSBJ really knows how many have been saved by the love which comes across their airwaves? Me being one. God Listens!! I struggle to stay above the water....KSBJ reminds me through the songs, through their messages and their 24/7 presence there is someone to pray with us. My faith has grown leaps and bounds and KSBJ is such a blessing! How can you listen and not feel God's presence! Thank you KSBJ!!

Amen, that's what it's. àll about

That's wonderful! Now I would encourage him to also call Camp Hope for help in dealing with his PTSD. 1-877-717-7873.

Thank God he was in the right place at the right time !!!

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2 days ago

💙Less than 4 days left to make a difference!💙
By supporting KSBJ, you're not just investing in a radio station, but in the lives of those who listen. Your gift can make a difference in bringing others closer to God. To give and make an impact today click here:
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Love KSBJ (been listening since almost the beginning) and, after a long absence, set up my monthly donation last summer. I’m confused as to whether I need to renew during this Sharathon, or the one this fall(?) Or does it just keep going until I say stop?It was easy to know when we only had one a year, and I haven’t heard this addressed on the radio so far. Thanks 🙂

Could you please say a prayer for my cousin Rebecca Lopez . She has already had open heart surgery few years back and now blockage 70% and one 55. Praying she only needs stents. Thk you for being with us every day all day. My station my only station. God bless you all.

So happy to hear the Lord blessed you with the $50,000 from that sweet couple in Houston 🥰

Love KSBJ and already give my $ and have my t-shirt💞🙏💞

Love being a part of this family. ✝️❤️

Just donated! Love KSBJ💕✝️

Love you all!!!

KSBJ April is Autism Awareness Month, and we're encouraging the local community to help make a difference! Join us in supporting the autism community by promoting awareness and raising funds for a great cause - Niko's service dog fundraiser. Service dogs play a critical role in improving the quality of life for individuals with autism, and every little bit helps. Let's come together to create a more inclusive and supportive community for everyone. Please share and spread the word! #AutismAwarenessMonth #ServiceDogFundraiser #SupportLocalBusinesses

Hello KSBJ, since I was a kid I would listen to your radio station. It helped me a lot growing up as a youth with school and many things. Now, I am in need to help my mother. She has a left lump on her breast and I am doing my best to help her continue her medical treatment. I was wondering if you have a department of events and promotions, so I could help my mother raise funds. Anyone from the KSBJ that is willing to contact me would be great. 😔😔😔

love KSBJ .

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2 days ago

What is your right song right time story?
Is there a song you heard on KSBJ at the exact time you needed it?
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Your Love Never changes by Jesus Culture. Husband had several strokes and I was told he wouldn't live through the night on 4 different occasions. This song got me through those nights because I knew God wasn't ready to call my husband home. "There may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning" is what I clung to, and my joy each time was that my husband did indeed survive. I praise God for that every chance I get!

Firm Foundation by Maverick City Music. I had a miscarriage, and my first day back at work, I was struggling. I was just sitting in the parking lot when Firm Foundation came on. I just cried and cried because I knew the Lord saw me. These lines are what moved me: I've still got joy in chaos I've got peace that makes no sense I won't be going under I'm not held by my own strength 'Cause I've built my life on Jesus He's never let me down He's faithful through every season So why would He fail now? Rain came, wind blew But my house was built on You I'm safe with You I'm gonna make it through

Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave. I think that's the name of the band. After the bad life I've lived in the past, and finally giving my life to God, this song reminds me that God still loves me.

In January, we got hit by the tornado and it destroyed our garage, the fence, and part of our roof. The night it happened we didn’t have any power, it was cold outside, and my two kiddos were hungry so I left to go get some warm food for them and my husband. As I got inside my car, I was discouraged and still in shock over what had happened, I took a deep breathe as I sat down,shut the door, and started my car. Usually my phone connects to the Bluetooth but for some reason this night it didn’t; KSBJ came on and “Praise you in this storm” by Casting Crowns started to play and I started to cry. I knew at that moment that no matter what we had just gone through, or will in the weeks to follow with clean up and insurance, etc. God was with us and it was all going to be okay! I have always loved that song, but it has a whole different meaning after that. ♥️

Just be held by Casting Crowns. In October 2010 my husband had a stroke at 31 years old. Life, for the first few years after, was pretty rough emotionally, mentally, physically. We had had an extremely rough day one day and I got in my car to just be by myself for a few minutes and collect my thoughts and as I was going down the road crying, thinking to myself and telling "God, I don't know if I can handle this anymore." The life we knew was completely turned upside down. Then the song, just be held, came on and I had to pull over and I sat in my car and just cried and cried and surrendered it ALL to God. Let it all go and just be held.

Revelation by Third Day 🥰 When I got laid off back in 2008 from a job I had for 15 years it was rough. I started walking every morning and this song was on my playlist and really spoke to me and helped me find my way to where God wanted me to be. I still love this song and it resonates anytime I am faced with a difficult road in life. 😉

In Jesus Name by Katy Nichole. I was having a tough time at work and finding a new job just wasn't happening so I was stuck in a miserable circumstance. This song came on one morning and really touched me. It was like she was really praying over me and I needed that. It carried me through until things changed at work and I'm happy again. I wish Y'all would play it more. In the past year I've only heard it maybe 4 times

KSBJ You say by Lauren Daigle. The song always pops up whenever my anxiety is hitting me.

I was going thru a lot of warfare and I would hear My God Will Take Care of Me by Carman from the Prince of Egypt Soundtrack. Probably saved my life a couple of times.

I Will Rescue You. No matter what I do or where I go, He saves me every day.

Reckless Love when I was in a nursing home with kidney failure

Too Good to Not Believe. Live version from Brandon Lake and Bethel Music. “Don’t you tell me he can’t do it” — when this comes in — you already know what God does and immediately reminds me who is in control!

I had just tuned into KSBJ for the very first time after a coworker told me about this station. Toby Mac's Help is on the way just started playing. I felt that song all the way through me, like God was talking to me.

Good, Good Father by Casting Crowns, right after my father passed, God was there.

Blessings and He’s My Son. Two perfect songs for a very imperfect time in my life.

There was Jesus! Totally describes my life as a widow

You Say by Lauren Daigle ❤️

Perfectly Loved by Rachael Lampa featuring TobyMac

Happens many many times!!

Ready yourselves!

Yes. Flawless, that’s my go to song Love it ❤️

I Am by David Crowder.

Way maker and Oceans

Sparrows by Corey Asbury💜

See Me Through it ❤️

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