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My name is Denise Pagano. I’m a born and raised Chicagoan who LOVES Jesus! I’m the daughter of a church organist so you know if the doors were open in church we would be there!  I’ve been in Christian Radio in Chicago, in Orlando (and here at KSBJ) as well as Country radio, Top 40 & I started in Jazz radio many years ago! Yeah, I’m “THAT OLD” LOL!!  Being here at KSBJ doing Middays is a dream come true; and I’m so thankful to God to be able to tell others about Him on my favorite station!
When I’m not here at KSBJ I’m hanging out with my husband (Don) and a “soon to be” puppy (keep praying on this one y’all!) Our boys are all grown and live in the Midwest still…and this mama misses them terribly!
Cooking/baking is a passion of mine, so if you’ve got a recipe for me, I’d love it!!


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