KSBJ Music Submission Process

Thank you for your interest in sharing your music with KSBJ! In order to focus ministry efforts & resources on fulfilling the stations mission, here is the general KSBJ music selection policy/process:

Music is filtered & chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Lyrics & Message
  • Production Quality
  • Song Genre/Style

Due to the high volume of submissions

Song review & evaluation services are not available. (Please visit the Gospel Music Association website for resources on song and artist development.)

KSBJ highly recommends that you utilize an independent radio promoter/representative first, before submitting your music directly to the station (plus the radio promoters/representatives could potentially help get your music exposed to multiple stations & audiences around the nation). If you don’t have a promoter/representative, here’s a list that KSBJ is in regular contact with:

  • Grant Hubbard, LLC
    Grant Hubbard
  • Chris Hauser Promotions
    Chris Hauser
  • Jen Mouttet Promotions
    Jennifer Mouttet
  • Leatherwood Promotions
    Meredith Leatherwood
  • Matt Ingle Promotions
    Matt Ingle
  • Sundari Public Relations
    Christina Garvin

KSBJ does not charge money to listen to or to play your song. (In fact, it’s illegal for radio stations to accept money in exchange for airplay.) Some promoters/representatives might charge you to review your music, some do not. KSBJ does not discuss money with them in any way, shape, or form.

KSBJ does not guarantee your song will be given airplay. If your song is selected for airplay, a KSBJ team member will contact you and/or your representative.

Please know this: if your song doesn’t get airplay on KSBJ, that does not mean you aren’t talented and that we don’t love your music. It simply means it doesn’t fit the current song catalog. We’re still cheering for you and hoping God uses you for His kingdom, through your music, and/or your many other gifts He’s given you!