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Monday Devo Verse

"And the LORD came and called as before, 'Samuel! Samuel!' And Samuel replied, 'Speak, your servant is listening.'"
1 Samuel 3:10


Where are you listening from? KSBJ's signal now covers all of Houston for the first time! We're so thankful for each & every person who worked, prayed & gave to make this dream a reality.

Missed the celebration this morning? Tune in tonight at 7:45pm and watch with us! 🎉
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❤️KSBJ! Kingwood,TX.

Listening in Lakeland Florida. Love KSBJ but your weather reports are way off! 🤪

I have been a faithful listener for years-The kind like is there any other station but KSBJ! But I’m in Beaumont and since the switch being flipped this morning -it’s now all static. I’m glad KSBJ is reaching more of Houston but I am selfishly heartbroken that I can no longer listen ( and yes I have the app-but not enough data to listen all the time)

I can't hear it now. It's been bad for awhile but I can't pick it up at all in Livingston Texas area now😔

I am very excited for the station. I look forward to coming back to Houston to check out the signal. Until then I will continue listening everyday on my app from north of Nacogdoches. The widget is permanently pinned to my home screen on my phone. :)

It's was also staticky for me now from Mont belviue area all the way to Baytown this morning :(

I listen to KSBJ from my house in Spring and also in my job in The Woodlands Thank you LORD YOU'RE AWESOME. Love ya'll and KSBJ 😘❤

We are listening from Rochester NH!

It's staticky and a Hispanic station floats in and out over it now for me in mont belvieu - I used to keep it on 24/7 but it's annoying now. Is it still 89.3? Is there an AM station alternative? It's just not a strong signal like it was😔

What’s going on in Conroe? My signal has been cutting in and out for a few weeks now....I called in and told them, but it’s still 🙏

Roseville, CA. I stream it!

I listen from Huntsville, Tx!

North East, Pennsylvania!

Enjoyed listening AT work today for the first time!!!! ❤️

Love KSBJ Hello from Dallas Texas

This is great news. Congratulations on another great milestone KSBJ. Stay Alert & Be Safe! #SABS #CssOne

I’m also a listener who listens to nothing but KSBJ from Beaumont area and I can’t get it anymore either. It sure makes my family sad and hard to use the app all the time.

Thank you God. You are an Amazing God. ♥️ KSBJ

I was listening this morning and I didn’t see it but I heard it

Love KSBJ listen 💯 when in Texas. Signing in for Colorado! Love y'all

The best radio station in the world!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!

I listen to KSBJ from my home in Baytown, to my job in Katy, or to my synagogue in Stafford/Sugarland.

Could only listen from my car until tonight. Listening from Willowmeadows next to Meyerland. Thanks!

I listen from my car this morning and it’s awesome however I live close by in Kingwood Tx

Static for the most part in the Dayton area

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A 35+ year dream has come true - KSBJ now reaches the entire Houston area! And we've seen God move in mighty ways to make it happen.

What are you hoping and praying for? God has placed that dream in your heart for a reason. Believe that God's promises will come to pass! #HopeIsHere
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A 35+ year dream has come true - KSBJ now reaches the entire Houston area! And weve seen God move in mighty ways to make it happen.

What are you hoping and praying for? God has placed that dream in your heart for a reason. Believe that Gods promises will come to pass! #HopeIsHere


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Congratulations!!! Will I still get you on 89.3 ??

congratulations....I just wish the signal reached me in Livingston like it used to.....been listening since 1988 and now I get nothing but static......

Hey! We lost you guys in Beaumont, Lumberton, Kountze! Are y’all going to be able to get it back here for us???

I wish it didn’t have static up here in Livingston. We love to listen to KSBJ but it has been static for 3 weeks now

Grateful for this station every day. I appreciate all you do to make this city a better place through all you do.

Looks like the girls and I have to find another way to start our day off. No signal since the switch.

Congratulations! I’m hoping it will now come in good in my car. The past couple months it has not! I miss y’all when I’m driving!

Yay! In Katy there were spots where the signal would come and go... I am so happy the signal will be stronger than ever! Love you all! Keep it up! Mrs. Katy Texas International

Congratulations, KSBJ. May God continue to bless you all. I will continue to listen here in Brazoria. Day and Night

Congratulations and stay blessed!!

Congrats! Great Faithful and testimony,l loved yall,Very blessed team.🎉👑👑🎉😍❤️🎉🎉


Yay!!!! I now get great reception in my office!!! It’s wonderful! Thank you!

Congrats!! Now maybe I can pick up 89.3 on my motorcycle. No problems in my truck.

Can I get you now in Livingston? You went away

Awesome !! KSBJ has blessed my life daily for many years when I lived in the Houston area. Bless you all

Congratulations and Hallelujah 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Listen to KSBJ daily. your guys are so awesome. Thank you for touching the lives through the music and ministry.

Congratulations! I can finally hear my favorite station from my home on the weekends! God is so good and so very amazing!! How exciting for the whole KSBJ family and listeners!!😁🙏🏻😍💙

Congratulations KSBJ ❣️❣️❣️❣️

So excited about this!!! I’ve been listening to KSBJ since 1983-ish & being from the Beaumont area, it wasn’t always easy to tune in. Fast forward to 2009 when my husband’s job took us to Coldspring and one of the most exciting things about the move was that we were always able to listen to KSBJ in our vehicles! 5 years later, his job took us out of the listening area again and it’s been something we definitely miss. 😢 I would be thrilled if the expanded area includes Lufkin. 💙

Love Ksbj. I listen at work online all the way from Baltimore 💕 Congratulations!

I listen everyday on the way to work and home and in the evening just before bed. I Love KSBJ Midday Show.... God is Good

Thanks KSBJ! You have no idea how much you have done for me!

When you guys flipped that switch, the sound came out so crystal clear! Congratulations guys! Thank you Lord for Making the way!

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