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KSBJ’s 30 Day Challenge

If you had an opportunity to share something so great that it would change other people’s everyday outlook on life, would you share it? Join us during the month of January and challenge family and friends to participate in the 30 Day Challenge where we encourage you to listen to only 89.3 KSBJ for 30 Days straight.

You can commit to completing the 30 Day Challenge

  • by texting keyword KSBJ30 to 893893
  • by filling out the online form

Not only are you joining thousands of Houstonians that are pledging to start 2020 with hope and encouragement, but you’re also registered to win an Echo a day! As a bonus, if you win an Echo you’ll be entered to win the grand prize–a cabin for four on the Summer Hits Cruise! Cruise provided thanks to a gift from Premier Vacations. Tune in the entire month of January to hear advice and support for your journey to complete the 30 Day Challenge!

30 Days of Kindness

Join the KSBJ DJs and perform 30 days of Kindness. Download our 30 Days of Kindness calendar and you can check on each act as you go. It’s a great way to practice being the hands and feet of Jesus with your friends, in your neighborhood, even with strangers!

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