Over the years, we’ve noticed a shortage of Thanksgiving songs… so we teamed up with @rhettwalker to solve that problem! Pull up a chair and enjoy this musical FEAST written to the tune of a song we all know and love “Gospel Song.”

Happy Thanksgiving KSBJ! We’re thankful you’re a part of our family ????

Want to sing along? Here are the lyrics:

I could argue politics
I could argue that and this
I could give in to the drama
But what I’ve chosen for this year
Is to try to be sincere
And eat some food made by mama

Here’s an anthem to be thankful
As we dig into a casserole

Ain’t nothing like a Gobble song,
A turkey tune for singing all day long
Somethin’ ‘bout cranberry glaze and saying “grace” makes my holiday— pass those tongs!
Give me some of that gravy,
Save the neck for Cousin Eddie
Sop it up with buttered rolls and then, eat it again! Forget your troubles ‘cuz football’s on.
Ain’t nothing like a gobble song

Let me sit and eat my pie
Cool Whip scoops are piled high
Waistband’s feeling all the pressure
Another slice—I’ll stop at two
Mom won’t take a “no” from you
Ah, my diet’s a disaster

I will eat, I will eat this turkey and gravy
I will eat, I will eat till all of it’s gone
I will eat, I will eat this turkey and gravy
Thank you Lord, for this food to keep eating’ on


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