“There is value in being unique — to be brave and courageous as it relates to your specific calling,” shares Anthony Evans, Christian singer and songwriter. “There would be no global ministry if my dad was not courageous in blazing a trail.”

Choosing to listen, learn and love. In a world full of division, that’s what unity looks like. This Black History Month, join us in recognizing the stories of our Black brothers and sisters who have impacted our lives and the world around us. From unsung heroes to influential figures, we’re honoring the Black voices who have changed our present and shaped our future.

Anthony Evans — How Being Different Shaped My Future
Being different is the most amazing thing you can be. You have a trail that you are blazing and that is beautiful. At first, you’re going to get cut because you can’t find your way through, but as you continue walking, blazing that trail becomes easier. You are also clearing a path for people who will walk in your footsteps, who will come behind you.