The word BURSTING means to break suddenly and violently apart, spilling the contents. Think of that definition when you hear the phrase “Bursting With Hope.” We think of Easter Morning. You see, after the darkness of Christ’s death came the glory of the resurrection! Christ singlehandedly defeated the power of sin and death. In this moment, our death-bound reality cracked open and all heaven’s HOPE BURSTS loose! This is the hope and power and joy of the empty tomb. This Easter Season, KSBJ will be bursting with messages of HOPE. You will hear short messages of HOPE from some of the most Influential Pastors in Houston. You can also sign up to receive HOPE filled text messages as we Journey With Jesus to the Cross during Holy Week. Easter Yard Crosses, visual signs of HOPE will be given away by the thousands. The tomb is empty. Death is defeated. Life is victorious. Jesus is Risen, and we are Bursting With HOPE!


Easter Cross Stops

KSBJ on the Street will be headed out to the greater Houston area to hand out Easter Crosses! From March 22 – April 2, we will be in different locations giving away crosses in a safe and socially-distanced way. Easter crosses are a visual sign of Hope that everyone can participate in! Find a stop near you!


Journey with Jesus to the Cross

Join us all Holy Week as we recount the steps of Christ leading up to His death and resurrection. Text EASTER to 893893 to receive real-time text messages of the events leading to the cross. This might be one of the most impactful things you do during Holy Week. Even if you’ve received Easter texts from KSBJ in the past, you still need to opt-in for this year.


Listen to KSBJ and let’s celebrate Christ’s resurrection!

Easter Content on HOPE ON DEMAND

You can find more great Easter videos, podcasts and blogs at Visit daily to be encouraged and filled with Hope!

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Easter - Bursting with Hope