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Whenever Laurie DesAutels is hurting and needs hope, she turns to 89.3 KSBJ. “It’s the only station I listen to,” says Laurie. “It has been such a blessing.”

But Laurie recently found another source of spiritual encouragement and community through HOPE ON DEMAND, KSBJ and Hope Media Group’s digital content platform. She especially enjoys Anything But Quiet Time, a podcast with KSBJ Morning Show Co-Hosts Rachelle and Carder. “I grew up in the days of dial-up internet,” Laurie smiles. “I’d never listened to a podcast. But the title of Rachelle and Carder’s was so funny that it got me to listen.”

Laurie quickly found encouragement to dig deeper into scripture. She credits the pair with inspiring her to study her Bible and draw closer to Jesus. “Rachelle and Carder discuss the Old and New Testaments and encourage you to study God’s Word. It makes me want to read my Bible more.”

Not to mention the humor. “They’re so witty! They make you laugh and then share something so impactful.”

Laurie says the podcast provided comfort during some recent health struggles. She’ll never forget attending a live recording where Carder prayed with her. “That meant so much to me. The Holy Spirit filled the room. I will always cherish that.”

KSBJ/Hope Media Group Chief of Innovation Shawn Farrington is thrilled Laurie is finding connection and community through Anything But Quiet Time. “With Rachelle and Carder’s podcast, you can dive deeper into what God is teaching them in their life. It’s a snapshot you don’t normally get on the morning show.”

Shawn encourages you to visit HOPE ON DEMAND and sample podcasts with KSBJ Traffic Reporter Bill Ingram, Midday Host Jen, and more. You can also find Bible studies, tips for managing your finances, and discussions about parenting and friendship, together with videos, devotionals, and blogs.

And now that Hope Media Group has merged with WAY Media, you can easily find inspiration through Way’s digital platform, Way Nation, as well. “It’s exciting,” says Shawn, “because you can explore all the digital content from HOPE ON DEMAND and Way Nation 24/7.”

Shawn says the ministry will continue utilizing innovative platforms and technologies to help people love Jesus, serve others, and spread Hope. For example, there is a new text application to request prayer at any time.

For Laurie, it’s all about deepening her relationship with Jesus. “He doesn’t want us to endure things alone. Having access to the radio, podcasts, and blogs is wonderful. It truly offers hope.”

Hope and encouragement to draw closer to Jesus anytime, anywhere.

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  • You can text the word PRAY anytime to 893893 and get a link to share a prayer request or call our Prayer and Care line at 281-652-5555 to talk with a prayer volunteer. We are here to pray with you!
  • In 2022, there were 2.5 million podcast downloads across Hope Media Group digital platforms.