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KSBJ is a listener-supported, non-profit Christian station. We are also non-commercial which means we are NOT supported by commercial advertising. Your gifts keep us going.

We are structured under Hope Media Group, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

KSBJ is independent and is not part of any one denomination or church. There’s not an organization or group of organizations that is responsible for paying our bills. We depend on listeners from many different walks of life, churches and denominations to keep us operational. Corporations and foundations provide a very small amount of our revenue.

We rely on our listeners for our support!

We’re members in good standing of the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability (ECFA) which annually requires KSBJ to demonstrate the highest standards of board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of financial resources. You can be assured when you trust KSBJ with your financial gifts; we’re using them as you would want us to. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we’re allowed to offer our supporters the benefits of tax-deductible giving.

Hope Media Group

2022 Board of Directors

Dr. Joseph D. Parle


Harry Chapman

Elizabeth Killinger

Heather Puca

Mark H. Maxwell

Joe Battaglia

Gabrielle Bosche

KSBJ Officers:

Joe Paulo

Tim Dukes

Desiree Gonzalez

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