By Rachelle

I can’t cook…that’s an understatement. I have started a kitchen fire (quite literally) boiling water. How does one accomplish that? I didn’t know that was a possibility…until it happened…TWICE.

I saw this recipe yesterday and I was E-L-A-T-E-D. After reading it only requires three ingredients (four, if you decide to add sugar), I knew that even I couldn’t mess this up!! I NEVER SAY THAT!!! Please believe that if the “top five” was still a thing on my contacts list that each position would be assigned to a take-out establishment.

These three ingredients could be the answer for an easy-peazy “fancy” Thanksgiving breakfast treat–and, on a day where we are already cooking/baking too much, easy sounds so luxurious!!

Doesn’t that look AWESOME?!!! Follow this link and we’ll follow the easy directions together–Happy Thanksgiving! And may your feasting be merry and your dirty dishes light.

<3 Rachelle