By Rachelle

I can’t cook…that’s an understatement. I have started a kitchen fire (quite literally) boiling water. How does one accomplish that? I didn’t know that was a possibility…until it happened…TWICE.

I saw this recipe yesterday and I was E-L-A-T-E-D. After reading it only requires three ingredients (four, if you decide to add sugar), I knew that even I couldn’t mess this up!! I NEVER SAY THAT!!! Please believe that if the “top five” was still a thing on my contacts list that each position would be assigned to a take-out establishment.

These three ingredients could be the answer for an easy-peazy “fancy” Thanksgiving breakfast treat–and, on a day where we are already cooking/baking too much, easy sounds so luxurious!!

Doesn’t that look AWESOME?!!! Follow this link https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/people-don-t-love-cooking-021602626.html and we’ll follow the easy directions together–Happy Thanksgiving! And may your feasting be merry and your dirty dishes light.

<3 Rachelle