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Matteus is one of those people who, the instant you meet him, you feel you’ve known him forever! He has Jesus’ light and love pouring out from every fiber of his being!! This was not always so. When he was just five years old, he watched his grandfather die in a house fire. With nowhere to go, he walked down a narrow alleyway to a woman’s house and she took home in! “I love children,” she shares. Soon after this, Matteus was accepted into the sponsorship program with Compassion International. he did very well for himself, but in his teenage years, he left home and became involved with drug dealing. around 16 years of age, he had an aha moment, where he fell to his knees, and gave his life fully over to Christ! Now he reads from his window daily (reminiscent of how Daniel from the Old Testament would pray). He spends his time studying the Bible—he desires to go to seminary. He mentors children in his neighborhood, some of them have a Compassion International sponsorship and some do not—but what he has learned through the church and Compassion he uses to encourage all of these little people. He has multiple awards for his skills in karate. He was embarrassed to show them because he is humbled in his service to Jesus. At 20 years of age, his future is bright, but he wants to pour all of it back into the community that gave him his fresh start!