This week we asked for the best stories about siblings, and WOW did people come through. Some hilarious (hilarious now at least) stories from childhood and even current day. From falling through the ceiling, to stuffing your brother in the fold out couch; and one where a girl used Song of Solomon to embarrass her sister at Sunday school: it’s all here! Hope this helps you relive some of those memories you have. Enjoy!

Naomi kicked it all off with her recent nickname for her sister:

2 brothers trying to date the same girl:

Brother falls through attic after dare:

FYI on this one if your children are around: a reading of Song of Solomon to embarrass her sister:

Nicole stuffed her brother in pull out couch:

David’s sister broke his arm:

Geri’s sister and their parent’s car:

The older sister that made her brother play dress up:

When sisters share a room make sure there’s plenty of tissue.
Beware the words: Wanna see a magic trick?