I have ugly feet.

There.  It’s out.  In the future, if you see my little piggies exposed through the straps of a carefree sandal–you’ve been warned not to look.  You’ll look just the same, LOL.

I was observing my family’s feet while we were having prayer the other night.  Two things: yes, sometimes I pray with my eyes open; and, no, my children did NOT inherit my unfortunate toes.

It occurred to me that I should thank God more.  “Thank you, God, for my children’s feet that function well!  And thank you for mine as well–even if my middle toes are smaller than the pinkies <sigh>.”  

Clearly, I am blessed with much and I take it for granted (I’m ashamed to admit) often.

I spoke with a woman whose mother made it a point to thank God in the moment.  

In the shower: “Thank you, Lord, for this water!”

At bedtime: “Thank you, Lord, for this pillow!”

In the laundry room: “Thank you, Lord, for these clothes!”

It’s a mindset of gratitude that I should be putting into practice every moment of the day.   If I’m intentional, things practiced become habitual.  The Bible tells me to pray without ceasing and to be grateful in every circumstance–this attitude of gratitude keeps me in “intentional” alignment with God and, coincidentally, within His spirit’s intentions for my life!

I was standing at the sink and getting frustrated with the chores connected with mealtime and  was reminded of this sweet mother and her thankful heart.  Right there with soapy hands I gave myself an attitude adjustment.  

This being grateful in the midst of life’s circumstances (good and bad) is not natural, that’s why we need Jesus!  He breathes His supernatural life into us when I allow Him the opportunity. , and why wouldn’t I let Him brand my chores with His life-giving perspective?!  A merry heart is good medicine!

Lord, thank you for my ugly feet–Your Word says those feet are beautiful when they bring the good news of Jesus to others <3