While much of the world creates division in the topic of the generations, we choose to bring all of them together! We’ve been playing “The Generations Game” where we as a Gen X (Rachelle) and a Millennial (Carder) play against those generations, as well as Gen Z’s and Boomers, where you answer trivia question from an era that is not your own. Below we have a few of the games we’ve played already, and find it’s fun to listen and play along. Enjoy!

Amanda (Gen-X) plays Carder (millennial) after voting him to be in the dunk tank at Ice Cream Emergency

Rachelle’s son, Caleb (Gen Z) is put to the test against AARP card-holder Carder!

Not sure Josh is “old” enough to go against Rachelle?

Will Jennifer (Gen X) wipe the floor with entitled-Millennial-Carder?

Charlotte (Boomer) doesn’t really watch TV/Movies; how will she do against Rachelle?

Jessica (Gen X) is giving Carder a run for his money

Kendra (Millennial) plays a “determined” Rachelle

Sharon (Baby Boomer) Challenges Carder

Riley Clemmons (Gen Z) plays Rachelle

Ugochi (Geriatric Millennial, LOL–her words not ours) plays Rachelle

Barb (Boomer) plays Carder

Darlene (Boomer) plays Carder

Jess (Millennial) plays Rachelle

Moesis (Gen Z) plays both Rachelle and Carder

Tom (Boomer) plays both Rachelle and Carder

Nichole (Millennial) plays Rachelle

Nick (Boomer) plays both Rachelle and Carder

Sterling (Boomer) plays Rachelle