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The 30 Day Challenge

At KSBJ we always remind you that “God listens”… but are you listening to Him?

Here’s the challenge — tune out the surrounding noise, particularly entertainment that makes it hard to focus on God. Then, take The 30 Day Challenge to focus on God’s voice. Let Him speak to you as you listen to KSBJ for 30 days. This challenge is more than a New Year’s resolution, it’s a frame of mind and a lifestyle. Now is your chance to experience the joy that God puts in your heart through Christian music!

Here’s how YOU can take The 30 Day Challenge:

And invite your family and friends to join you. Help those closest to you start the year fresh with a new perspective and a road to a stronger relationship with God.

And we want to hear from YOU…

How have you heard God’s voice while taking the challenge? We invite you to share YOUR 30 Day Challenge “God Story” here and use “My 30 Day Challenge” as the title. You never know who will be encouraged by reading your 30 Day Challenge story!

The 30 Day Challenge has been inspired by Al Menconi, author of The Christian Music Challenge: Find Peace and Purpose in a Chaotic World.

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