Sean Astin, best known for his roles in The Goonies, Lord of the Rings, and Rudy, is now starring as the lead role in “SCROOGE: A Christmas Carol” podcast. This fresh retelling of a classic story is produced by KSBJ’s Hope Media Group and @compassioninternational and leans into themes of forgiveness and redemption.

Rachelle shared with Sean a testimony from Chris, a truck driver and KSBJ listener. Chris related deeply to Scrooge’s story of dedicating his life solely to work and the podcast opened his eyes to see that spending time with his wife and daughter is what would add true value to his life.

Sean shared, “I appreciate the faith, spirit, and the religious framing. I appreciate that Hope Media Group and Compassion International share this Christmas story… it’s clear they are hoping to create pathways for people to feel comfortable in their spiritual life.”

Don’t miss this awesome moment at 10:56 where Sean compares Scrooge to Samwise from Lord of the Rings! And at 8:40 Rachelle shares a personal story with Sean of how his mom’s openness about her mental health gave hope to her family.

Want to listen to SCROOGE: A Christmas Carol podcast? Tap here: https://scroogepodcast.com/

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