Look around at what’s happening in the earth. And do you think what we’re doing is working? Does it seem like it’s going well or does it seem like we’ve gotten really off track? Now, what the world tells you all the time, “what life is about is you finding happiness. You looking on the inside. Find your most authentic, truest self and do whatever makes you feel good.”

And I would just ask you, how is that working? It’s probably not working out that well. And there’s a reason for that. And that’s because that’s not actually why we are created. We are created to understand a design of the world that was created for the pleasure of the creator, for the one who made you.

Look at the world around you. See the world that God created to see reality. And then say, “where do I fit in in this world?” Rather than going inside, I would look outside, “where do I fit in?” And what the Bible teaches us is that we’re created for God’s pleasure. And some people don’t like that idea, maybe because it makes it feel like, you know, you don’t have any autonomy.

But the truth is, once you understand that God created you for His own pleasure, then you are going to find the most pleasure in knowing Him because you’re in line with His design. Your life needs to be resolved in the design of God through a relationship with Him made possible through the death of Jesus Christ.

And once you do, all of a sudden you find that your life is a lot more at ease. You’re going to find that you have peace in your life because your life is not about making yourself happy. And you’re going to find actual true freedom in Jesus Christ.

So I would just say, take a look at your life. How is it working? I assume it’s not working very well because nothing in the world is working well right now. Maybe you should consider the God of the Bible who created you for a purpose.