Words have been very impactful on my life. But the meanest girl that has been with me this whole time has actually been myself. And I think I realized that a lot more of us do that than maybe we would’d admit. You know, you mess up or you do something wrong or you’re just really hard on yourself. And it’s like that little voice inside your head, like, “I can’t believe you did that, you idiot” or “you’re not enough”.

And the Bible talks about like all the time, that words are powerful and there’s death and life and the power of the tongue…

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
and those who love it will eat its fruits.
– Proverbs 18:21

But my hope is for anyone that hears it, that those words, that’s not what defines them. They’re not defined by you’re not enough or you’re a failure. They’re defined by how you are fearfully and wonderfully made and I have a plan for your life. And and the Bible is filled with like all the words about how much Jesus loves us.