Paul talks a whole lot about even as an athlete like disciplining yourself and running this race where you’re working through some of these things where you naturally have these tendencies to sin.

I think sin is anything that destroys your body, your soul or your spirit — so it’s just harming myself.

I know if I go eat twelve donuts that it’s going to harm my body. The reaction that my body’s going to have to some of the gluten, to a ton of the sugar that’s going to go through my body. It’s going to cause my insulin level to spike. I would consider that sin. Is it a big deal? No. Should I be condemned by that? No. Is it going to help me move forward in other parts of my life that bring life? No.

So, as I struggle through things I realize that I’m believing a lie. That lie is that God is trying to withhold something good — just because he’s cruel or he doesn’t want me to have fun. Maybe it’s a donut. Maybe it’s sex outside of marriage. Whatever it that I’m pursuing and trying to reach out and grab, God’s going, “I want to bless you, but there’s healthy places to put these things in your life. And if you believe that I don’t have your best intention in mind then you’re going to do whatever you can to reach out and grab those things early before you’ve prepared for it or before you’ve built up the ability to handle that.

Thinking that God doesn’t want you to enjoy things or have fun in life is a broken mentality that he’s withholding something from you. I live a lot more freedom than I ever have because I know that I can be clean from shame and guilt because I don’t have to walk in those things that cause it.