What do you allow to define you? Alex Kendrick, director and co-writer for the film OVERCOMER, talks about identity and who defines it.

OVERCOMER is a story about discovering and basing one’s truest identity on the only foundation that will never falter or fail, the only foundation that has the right to define a person. The movie highlights the initial discovery of identity in Christ and also illustrates what happens when a follower of Christ builds an identity on something other than Him. What happens when that identity unravels? How does a person start over?
No matter how a person feels or what culture claims, God alone, as the sole Creator, has the authority to define and determine the identities of the people He created. No matter how far people veer off course, God can orchestrate circumstances by His own providence to help them return to their true identities. Only when identity is rooted in Christ can people be who they were created to be.
Opening nationwide on August 23, OVERCOMER dares to leave you filled with hope and inspired to dream.

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