Our pets might cost a little bit when it comes to their care and feeding – but what they add to our lives can really be priceless.

For a Detroit mom named Janet Kelley and her kids, their dog Blue has earned a special place in their hearts after saving the life of Janet’s youngest daughter, Chantal.

On February 21 the duplex they were living in caught fire when another tenants’ child was playing with a lighter. The fire spread quickly. Janet wasn’t home when it happened, her brother was there watching two of the kids. The oldest daughter, Zooey, who is just 9 got out of the house safely with her Uncle. One-year-old Chantal was still inside.

Firefighters arrived and that’s when Blue, the family dog, went running back into the house. They chased Blue into the flames and he led them directly to the playpen where Chantal was. The first responders quickly got the baby to safety and she is totally unharmed. Blue is okay too!

Chantal and Blue: Courtesy Detroit Free Press

Janet is convinced that this story would have had a different ending without Blue’s help. They adopted the dog two years ago and he’s been a fierce protector of the family ever since … and now they are protecting him.

The house is a total loss and because they couldn’t find a shelter that would take Janet, the kids and the dog, they’ve been staying in their car. Janet told Fox, “No dogs are allowed at a shelter and I refuse to leave Blue because God knows where my family would be without him.”

Janet and Blue: Courtesy Fox 2

However, something good is on the way! A GoFundMe for the family has raised over $90,000! Janet is a landscaper and has high hopes for a fresh start with the GoFundMe and spring on the way.