Losing your job can absolutely shake your world. It leads to a lot of self-reflection and questions about how things could have been different, you may start second guessing yourself. To complicate matters, we often get our identities wrapped up in what we do and it becomes a “Who am I now?” type of crisis – and then there is the financial stress! Ugh.

Not to be trite or take things too lightly, but I’d like to encourage you with an idea – sometimes losing a job is exactly what we need to get “unstuck” in life. It is a tough blow and we grieve those kinds of changes in life, there’s nothing wrong with that at all! Just don’t forget that God can make beautiful things out of your situation. I remember years ago when I was working at a different radio station, one of my coworkers was fired. At first he was really angry about it, it was unexpected and he’d worked there for a long time. However, as the days went on he seemed to be relieved and then I heard he’d gone back into pastoring, which was what his heart wanted all along. He had gotten stuck at what was a good job, just not really the best job for him.

If this season of life is tough, remember that it is just that – a season. This isn’t your forever. You are more than what you do!

We have a lot of awesome resources for you to help deal with the emotions of this weird time, hopefully some of these will be helpful to you!
– This is a 10 Minute Bible study about finding direction in your life (there is a free account sign up, but it’s through KSBJ so it’s legit!).
– This is a 10 Minute Bible studio about confronting fear (also accessible with a free account).
– Here is a simple list of Bible verses to encourage you!
– If you’d like someone to pray for you, head on over to the KSBJ Prayer Wall.