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Afternoon Show Co-Host Morgan is originally from Maine and her husband, Joshua, is from Texas, but they met in California … and their little boy, Karl, was born in Oregon!

After so much moving Morgan and Joshua decided that it was finally time to put down roots and settle in, and there is no better place for that than Texas. She loves her family, coffee and Jesus, but not necessarily in that order!

Morgan and her husband like to play tabletop games and she thinks of herself as a knitter, even though she’s only ever knitted two scarves. As a bit of a chronic worrier, a verse that Morgan leans on is Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

She can’t wait to discover Houston and spend time with her extended family!



Afternoon Show Co-Host Raised in Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL, Carlos has the South in him as much as he does his Puerto Rican roots. Rap, Reggae, Rock, Merengue, Salsa, R n’ B, Soul, Funk are like a musical gumbo for him. Carlos shares, “I love music. Always have. It’s been in my life for as long as I can remember and I got into radio because of it. To be able to tell their stories, talk about their songs and see people react in the same way I did when I first heard it. Still blows my mind.”

Carlos’ break into radio as a “real DJ” started with two turntables and a crate full of records when he was brought into a Christian radio station in Tampa, FL, to mix live on Friday nights. Even though he “had many chances to work in mainstream radio,” he just never wanted to. Carlos said “It’s not in me. I live for Christ daily and want to show that in my actions and tell as many people as I can about Him. Radio is a pretty big platform and, thankfully, so far it’s all worked out. God is good like that.”

His wife, Amber, is a Houston native who attended Texas A&M University and is solely responsible for converting him into an unapologetic Aggie Football fan! Father of one so far, 2-year old Dominic is their #SortaRican blend of the best parts of Amber and the parts of Carlos that get the little guy in trouble from time to time.

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Houston-opoly exists and it’s makers are looking to create a new edition of the game!

What locations should they use? Drop a comment below and let us know.
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Houston-opoly exists and it’s makers are looking to create a new edition of the game! 

What locations should they use? Drop a comment below and let us know.


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The orange "H" for Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Constellation Field. Imperial Sugar logo. Mardi Gras, Galveston logo. Kemah Boardwalk.

Old Town Spring! Discovery Green CityCentre Memorial City Mall Galleria Be Someone Sign

Buc-ee's Baytown, Katy, Cypress, Baybrook

Be Someone, zoo, medical center, Katy, Woodlands, Porter, Lakes around town,

Instead of just Go how about KSBJ Go.

Houston Rodeo Drive. And there should not be a Texan alive that would say Row-day-o Drive!

New magnolia, Old Magnolia, The Renaissance.

Barbecue pit

Instead of the 4 railroads it should be the 4 loops around Houston - 610, beltway 8, hwy 6/fm 1960, and 99 the grand parkway.

Instead of railroads I45, I10, I59, 290. Astrodome piece, instead of go to jail sit in traffic. Spots for Gallery furniture, buccees

How about a Tamales business property. I'd dominate and build food trucks instead of hotels on it

We love playing. My kids are usually the bankers and often give each other "grants" to purchase properties! Lol

Instead of the train spots make them the 3 loops(610, 8, and 99).

Barbecue pit

Astrodome!! Minute Maid Park.


San Jacinto Monument

definitely the medical center and an oil derrick

Texas Gun Club should for sure! True Texas experience and family ran/ veteran owned business 💕 There’s even a Houston membership option!

NASA, all 4 professional stadiums, GRB Conf Center

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I can't wait to see what your story is!

I'll start - I once interviewed a tightrope walker WHILE he was walking on a tightrope across the Toyota Center. (I am confident that I was A LOT more scared than he was.) 😆

Your turn! Ready...set...go!

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I cant wait to see what your story is!  

Ill start - I once interviewed a tightrope walker WHILE he was walking on a tightrope across the Toyota Center. (I am confident that I was A LOT more scared than he was.) 😆

Your turn! Ready...set...go!  



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Carlos here, I was bit by a dolphin once...story at 5:15pm!

I was on a church Youth group Scavenger Hunt. One of the challenges was to go to a police station and ask what a certain charge was which I don't remember now. While we were there so was Houston Rockets Akeem Olajuwon. He was there filling out a police report for a minor fender bender he was involved in where someone tapped the back of his car. He was very nice and friendly. Of course we received bonus points for getting a picture with him as well as his autograph.

I got to be onstage with Misty Copeland when she performed "Cinderella" at the Hobby Center several years ago. She needed some ballroom dancers to briefly perform in the second act, so myself and some other students from my dance studio got to do it.

I was one of the over 180 people blessed to be featured on the Shell Houston wall of heroes downtown after hurricane Harvey. Not the most attractive picture

I purchased tickets to Comicpalooza a few years ago to take a Pic & Meet & Greet with Stan Lee. I greeted him with a “Hey there Handsome” & he put on a HUGE smile. During the pic he leaned over to me & smiled VERY Big for the photo. LOVE IT!!!!!

I got to meet Johnny Depp while he was filming What's Eating Gilbert Grape. They filmed the scene where he went to Foodland to buy a birthday cake at the HEB in Georgetown TX.He signed my jacket and was super nice.

I partially fell (my leg was dangling through) from the attic. We had just moved into our house and I wanted to see what our attic looked like, well the evidence is still there 5 yrs later. Needless to say I have not gone back up there since 😂

My best friend and I were going to take a selfie and Jamie Lee Curtis walked up and offered to take the picture for us. ❤

About five years ago I worked at a restaurant that Billy Gibbons, guitar player from ZZ Top (the one with the red beard) often visited. It was around Halloween time and I thought someone was dressing up as him. So I told the man, wow, you sure do look like that man from that band. Is that beard real? He then said well pull on it and see. So I did 🙂 and then he winked at me and we took a picture together.

This was hard to think of. Someone may have done this, but I graduated college at 11 am and was moved completely back home by 9 pm (the college was 7 hours from home) I didn’t even stay to say buy to friends or have a last meal or anything 😂

My husband helped hold that tight rope stable while Nick walked across the Toyota Center. I dropped out of high school my junior year, got my GED then went to college. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in education.

I was a contestant on 'Wheel of Fortune' and won $7900. I was third place.

I was so excited about my new baby girl’s arrival, I completely forgot to bring a going home outfit for her and we brought her home wrapped in a paper hospital blanket 🤪.

I once flew across the Atlantic Ocean to tell a girl I liked her (I did not want to do that over the internet). Fast forward 7 years: we have been happily married for 5 years and have 2 wonderful sons.

My mom got to dog sit for Richard Dean Anderson (Macgyver) while he was on location filming an episode at the nature center where she worked.

The first time I was an acolyte I was in charge of walking in the cross. It was a communion Sunday and I did not realize that I did not have a roll to play during the communion part of the service. As the other acolytes proceeded to light the communion candles, I proceeded to walk up and remove the cross during communion and stood terrified in front of the alter after I realized I was not supposed to remove the cross and promptly put it back as soon as the other acolytes finished lighting the candles... this was in 1997. The church, I still attend, has since installed a stationary cross that doesn’t have to be removed and carried in.

I had an amazing opportunity to sit in the captains seat on a Blackhawk helicopter flight and I’ve never been in the military!

My first babie was a home birth by choice.I had a Mid wife come to my home and help me give birth.

I once got to do the opening prayer for a Katy Rough riders arena league game at the Merrill center, I was so nervous that instead of saying Amen at the end I said “thank you and goodnight!” 🤦‍♂️

I’ve had brain surgery 🤷🏻‍♀️ My son has been picked up and tickled by Michael Irving 😁 when the super bowl was here we went to discover green to participate in the festivities. My son holding his NFL Play 60 cowboys jersey made his way to the crowd gathering around him as he made his was to be on tv. He picked him up and tickled him and talked with him. Then he shook my husband’s hand and told him how important fathers were and told him to never leave his son.

Many years ago, my husband & I were given great Astros seats right at the dugout! When the crowd did the wave, I stood up to do it & forgot the chair folded closed and I had placed my almost empty nacho plate under my chair 😳 so I had nacho-butt for the remainder of the game & everyone behind us was very entertained 🤦

Danced the Macarena in a Chuck E Cheese costume. 😂 I worked there in college and that was one of our party songs.

Sorry if I already posted this but ... I created the autodialer program that calls you back in the late 80s. Was a great invention back then but has gotten way out of hand. Sorry in advance.

Had 9 people in a 4 bdrm house. My husband, me, daughter, son, my mother, my sister, her son, my ex husband and his son. Did this for about 6 months back in 2012/2013. 2019, my husband, me, my mother, my sister and her son in a 3 bdrm place. God still puts me in a position to take care of my family ❤❤

At a Newsboys concert, I was front row, standing at the stage eating nachos, one of the singers walked over, grabbed a nacho and jalapeno out of my tray and ate it!

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Peeps are gross. Peeps dipped in SALSA are absolutely heinous.

Welcome to our game, Penalty Peeps! We’re asking each other some fairly easy Easter trivia questions, if you get it wrong you must dip a peep in salsa and eat it, whole.

Watch the unedited raw video to see who ate the most peeps and who’s stomach isn’t feeling so!
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Thank you Thank you. Sorry Carlos but I thoroughly enjoyed that clip.

I ate my peeps but no hot sauce- yuck! Maybe yal should have tried the birthday cake flavor or watermelon? Lol.. 😁

Carlos every time you are in a situation where you have to eat something you find a way to make it just a little better lol. You should have had chunks on every peep lol.

Such a good sport, but I don’t envy you a bit. YUCK! I can’t stand peeps to begin with, but peeps dipped in salsa—Gross! 🤢

Y’all are awesome. I love listening to y’all in the afternoon.

How about these peeps? Lol

Y’all ruined the salsa with EWWW

Ohhhhh noooo..... 🤢

Just don’t eat dill pickles dripping with chocolate syrup like my friend did when she was pregnant. 🤢😂

Peeps are good

Queso would be so much better!

I can not, will not never ever try any Peep. Yuk!

Carlos made the rules???!!!! This reminds me so much of the story of Haman in the book of Esther. 😂😂😂

False, True, Carlos 🤣🤣

I like peeps but this looks so gross

Props to you Carlos!! I can’t even make it through a regular peep!


Way to go Morgan! Sorry Carlos.

I hate peeps!! Ugh!! Poor Carlos!! Morgan, you killed it!!

Laura Koch

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Hallelujah!! The King is Alive, He is Risen!!
The debt has been paid, death has been defeated, our Savior is Lord!
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Hallelujah!! The King is Alive, He is Risen!! 
The debt has been paid, death has been defeated, our Savior is Lord!


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Amen thank you Jesus!!

Amen thank you Lord.

Thank You God

Amen.!! Thank You JESUS.!

So, so thankful!

God is good 🙏🏻❤️

Amen Thank you Jesus


Yes, He is. Thank you, Jesus ❤️


Hallelujah !!


Amen 🙏🏾✝️🙏🏾✝️

Happy Easter! ✝️🐇🐣






He's alive!!!! ✝️

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